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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Migrate Or Not To Migrate

I just read this blurb about different animals habit for migrating, Great Migrations: Wildebeest - Bing Travel:. I have always been fascinated with the solid plan animals seem to have.

Take birds flying in formation. How do they decide who leads first? Coin flip? Rock paper scissors? Whatever they do seems to work because I don't see any birds flapping around crying because it was his turn to go first.

With migration, how do they know the exact spot they need to go to each year and when to start? Do they pick up their calender at Target and mark the passing days off? Mark the trees with slashes? The article mentioned specific spots for the butterflies to go. What butterfly picked it and made it the head hang out for all butterfly generations? Do they even realize they are going there or do they wake up one day flying and wondering where the hell they are going? How do they know how to get there? I personally panic if I don't have a MapQuest printout for anything more then 15 miles away. It even said butterflies from point A to B go to one spot and the ones living between C and D go another. HOW DO THEY KNOW!? What happens to the rebels?

I need to sit in on a migration meeting and get pointers for my kids. Imagine a world of kids taking turns leading without a fight, getting to school in a calm orderly manner, knowing we need to head to the grocery store without being told.

Yeah, I can't imagine it either...

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Thankfuls

When thinking of things that I am thankful for, I realized that it goes hand in hand with the things I love. So here are some of my loves and thankfuls.

A~ ARTIFICIAL TREES I can put it up on Thanksgiving morning and not have to worry about getting pine needles stuck in my socks by mid December. 

B~ BOOKS and BLANKY Blanky gives Jake a level of love and support only a special Blanky can give. The same can be said with books for Joe and I. We fall deeply into them and crave more info on the ones we love. There is nothing better then seeing my kids want to get in cozy clothes and curl up with books they love.

C~ CELL PHONES I can not imagine raising a family without one! I panic if I forget it or the battery is low. I love being able to send a quick text for a random thought. I love that I am always ready for when I am needed.

D~ DOUGLAS One of my most favorite words in the world. My dad, my brother, my Jacob Douglas.

E~ EARLY BED TIMES Really, who isn't thankful for an early night of nothing once in a while.

F~FRIENDS and FAMILY I have the best in the world. I have friends that are like family and my family is also my very best friends. My 3 closest friends are wildly different but exactly the same. One just opens her arms when I walk in her home crying for random things my hormones make me cry over, one buys me the most yummy lip gloss because she knows I love to eat them, and the other is quiet and steady and has been since before I was married. They all have huge hearts, laugh at inappropriate things and are considered a part of our family. I would do anything for them and I know they would do anything for me.

G~ GIGGLES  I am thankful that you can laugh at me. I am thankful that I can laugh at you. I am thankful that we can laugh together.

H~ HEALTH My family and friends are all healthy! I hope everyone can say the same thing.

I~ INTERNET I can find random ideas I didn't know I couldn't live without.

J~ JAKE and JOE My boys. They are so awesome. I hope to be just like them when I grow up.

K~ KELLY I'm so thankful that I am me. I have the best time, the best family, the best friends.

L~ LIPSTICK/GLOSS Any flavor, as long as it's a flavor. None of that original garbage. I love the taste and since I am not a make up girl, I love the pretty kick it can give a bare face.

M~ MOM and MIDGETS If I had to pick, I'd pick the same mom over and over. I am the mom I am today because of her. She is always telling me how impressed she is of the mom I have become and so proud of the things we do as a family. I really don't think she realizes that I am just trying to give my kids the same childhood I had. The only thing she could have done differently was have a midget. Short and simple (pun intended) I love them. Just the sight of them brings me great joy, they should be very proud of that.

N~ NAPS I am thankful that I can nap any where, any time.

O~ OLIVE GARDEN The first time I went there was my first Valentines day with Robert. If it was socially acceptable I would lick the salad bowl when I was done.

P~ PEOPLE MAGAZINE It gives me the perfect mix of mindless gossip and real world happenings.

Q~ QTIPS I would go nuts without them.

R~ ROBERT aka DAN He makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

S~ SPONGE CANDY Really, do I even need to validate this? Maybe this should be SUGAR because I love maple sugar too.

T~ TIM HORTONS Medium Cafe Mocha or Candy Cane Hot Chocolate. Everything Bagel toasted with butter or Cheese Crouton (known as a croissant to the rest of the world)

U~ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I get it. I give it. Oddly enough my Robert just text me US for this letter.

V~ VAN I have no idea how we managed with a small Focus all those years. Joe can finally ride around without his chin on his knees.

W~ WEGMAN'S It's clean. It's store brand products taste good. It's close. It's reusable bags are my favorite. It watches my kids while I shop.

X~ XBOX Sometimes! When the kids are playing a game on the Kinect together. I like they can break a sweat in the winter playing a game that is more exercising then laying on the couch with a controller. Or when they want me to try out a game because I would be good at it because it requires flailing around in it.
I'm good at flailing.

Y~ YOU I love that you took time out of your day to read my blog.

Z~ ZIPPERS I really don't think they get as much praise as they deserve. Imagine if you had to button up your kids snow suits. Or if your jeans were buttons only. Not only would that be drafty, but if you are in a rush to get to the bathroom, you'd have to stand there and get all the buttons undone.

I am thankful that my life is not all serious and dull.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heely's For Me

Did you know that Heely's makes adult sizes?! I didn't either until they sent me a pair to review. If you are thinking, what are Heely's? You know, it's the shoes you see kids rolling around the stores in.

I don't know why, but when I see kids rolling around in stores I get irritated. Am I jealous? Maybe. Was the first thing that came to my mind when I got my shoes was, now I can skate my grocery shopping to make it faster? Possibly.

So when I picked my style out of many, I got a pair that the boys would like too. Joe and I are nearly the same size so I thought it would be a double bonus for us.

This is our pair~

This is the Edge style. See how they are perfect for a 9 yr old boy and an adult girl! They are really good looking shoes, super comfortable and a sleek and simple style. I think it's the perfect style for rolling and every day wear.

What I thought somehow is that the wheel, which is under the heel (hence the name Heely), you can see it peeking under my right shoe, folded in and out.
When I saw kids using them it seemed they went so seamlessly from walking to floating across the ground.
Well the wheels don't fold in and out, you take them on and off. The floating part, and the seamless transition, that's just lots of practice.

This is what the shoe looks like without the wheel.

This is what you want when you are planning on just walking in your shoes. Maybe running errands first then heading to the park to have a roll. Grab the handy tool they send to pop out the black cap and pop in the wheel and you are good to go.

That part is super easy. There is no doubt when the wheel is locked in because it makes a deep pop sound. The not so easy part is rolling and getting the wheel out. Robert even has a hard time getting the wheels out. I assume it's a good thing in a way, I don't want to be rolling around and my wheel fall out. I guess everything comes with practice. I suggest that until you are solid in getting the wheel out, bring another pair of shoes to change into if you want regular shoes afterwards.

So to go from walking to rolling it's supposed to be a simple as lifting the front of your feet and glide along. 
Like this~

What happens in my home, Robert practically carries us from point A to point B. The manual says to practice by holding counters and such until you get the hang of it. It also says if you feel yourself falling, just put your toes back down.
Well in my panic mode that kicks in when the feeling of falling is eminent, does not allow me to put my toes down. Probably because I am falling backwards and my toes are knee height at that point.

Again, practice is important.
And helmets.

After becoming a Heely owner, I have a whole new respect for the kids that make it seem so easy. 

What I love about our new Heely's~
~the style
~the durability
~the concept of a versatile activity shoe

What I don't love about our new Heely's~
~how hard it is to get the wheel out
~they didn't come with coordination

I will keep at it though. My goal is to be able to glide along with the kids on their bikes. Until then Robert will carry  guide me along in my helmet and elbow gaurds.

Check them out for yourselves. You will be pleasantly surprised at the different styles availble. And  Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special!! Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Whom It May Concern


To Whom It May Concern,

Please excuse Joe from fitness and/or gym today.He is unable to participate due to today being picture retakes.

While I understand the health benefits of running laps for 10 minutes, I think it's a great concept, however, shelling out $30 for the smallest package of mediocre photos is a high concern for me today.

In anticipation of a lack of mid day grooming he would need for a post workout photo shoot, I felt it necessary to take the steps to avoiding the situation all together.

I have attached my proof of why retakes is  necessary for us today so you can see for yourself on why a sit out is needed today.

First I'd like to show you an example of what Joe would have looked when I sent him to school.

Notice how his hair is straight, his shirt on proper? Also take note of his even complexion. This is a perfect example of Joe in the morning. Before fitness/gym.

This is Joe after fitness/gym...

The sweaty hair clumps, the hanging off the shoulder shirt, and while hard to tell in the cell phone shot, the red face. I can all but smell the sweat that is still on that poor boys temples. Is that steam still lingering on his glasses?

I'm sure you can see why I am reluctant to pay $30 for this photo and why I am taking such drastic measures today so as not to have this happen again.

I say next year, have a fitness/gym day off on picture day. There's no need when fancy clothes and pretty hair is all the rage that day.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Stocking Stuffer

So it's that time of the year again that I am always on the look out for that something awesome for everyone on my good list. In my hunt I found these~

They are funky "YOUsb"cables, usb cables wrapped in cool skins!

There are tons of styles to choose from, there is absolutely one fitting for everyone on the good list!

As soon as I opened the pack, Jake claimed the green one. Once they were all claimed, at first glance we knew what and who it was for.
Jake uses his for his iPod, I have one at work for my iPhone, one at the computer at home for a back up charger and another just for our Nook.

When I asked my mom is she wanted one, her high OOHH! Yeah! told me this is a great idea for everyone! Every style in my pack is right up my alley.

When I first got the cables, they were kind of stiff and in a U shape, which is fitting since they are YOUsb cables. A quick blow out with my hair dryer and I was able to bend it into any shape I wanted. I have been told that they loosen up over time too.
But for now, the hair dryer, or a hot car, work perfect for me. Honestly, the way they are straight out of the package works just fine too.

The pack that I got, the photo above, is the Travlers gift set that sells for $44.95. You can also get them by the cable for $11.99. There is an Apple adapter for $4.99 and every order is free shipping.

Check out all the different styles they have here~!/yousbcables

I love the candy striped one for this time of the year!

They are just cool and I am a real sucker for anything Christmas.

Sweet Natural Soaps

Don't you love when the season changes and with it your hand soap scents? I am guilty of using my soaps as a quick perfume pick me up. Maybe guilt isn't the right word. Why feel guilty washing my hands with an amazing smelling soap knowing at the end, I'll smell awesome too.

I tried 4 soaps from Sweet Natuarl Soaps.

~Hot Chocolate
Oh. My. Gosh. I want to eat the soap. I want to lick my hands. I want to carry this bar in my pocket so I can smell it whenever I want to. It smells exactly as it's name. Hot Chocolate!

~Beautiful Love
This is a nice one for spring time. It's a pretty pink bar that smells like pretty pink flowers.

~Buzz Off
The first thing that came to my mind when I used this one was candy canes. It has peppermint oil in it and it's perfect to get me in the holiday spirit.

OOOhhhhh........use it the same time as the Hot Chocolate bar! What could be more perfect for the holiday season then hot chocolate and candy canes!

I bet you're wondering what's the connection between candy canes and the name Buzz Off. I've learned that bees don't like peppermint oil! It's a natural repellent. So it is a good one for the summer time too!

~Fresh Clean
This one is so cool. It has actual oats in it to help exfoliate. Don't believe me...
You can even see them! This one has a nice tangy scent to it too.

I've had so much fun changing up my scents with these bars. They are just a nice, clean, pretty addition to my hand perfumes!

Sweet Natural Soaps as a ton of other scents too. I think my next must have's are the cupcakes, birthday cakes and ice cream cones!

But if they are as good as the ones I already have, I really may try eating them.

Review~Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

I love the smell of vanilla. I honestly don't think it's possible not too. It's just simple and perfect.
I was sent a bottle of Nielsen-Massey's Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract,, to use and I was not disappointed in the least.

First I should tell you I have a weak spot for cool antiques and wanna be's. So when I opened the package and saw this beauty staring back at me~

I was smitten. It's just cool! I proudly displayed it on our window sill to wait to be used. By Robert. I like to dreamily think of myself as a mommy do it all. You know, covered in flower with a pie cooling on the window sill while I've had dinner going in the oven since 4. Well, I am a burner and poor ingredient estimater. It makes me a solid in the cooking department, but baking...not so much.

So my handsome bottle made me proud as a decoration until Robert was ready to hook us up with cookies and pies!

I sniffed the bottle while he slaved away, I also am good at licking the spoon.

Oh, it was so good.I wasn't really surprised either because I had high hopes for the extract. Mine is the Madagascar Boubon Pure Vanilla Extract and no it doesn't have any whiskey in it. The Bourbon is referring to the Bourbon Islands off of Africa. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas pride themselves in having the finest extracts. They are even allergen and gluten free.

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla's has all kinds of powders, sugars, pastes, beans and of course extract. Coffee, chocolate, almond and peppermint just to name a few.

I need the whole line for my window sill and Robert needs them to make more amazing treats for the family.

'Tis the season! Check them out to make your holiday baking AMAZING!