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Friday, August 26, 2011

Lickin The Lip Balms

Yes, I will admit it, I am a lip balm licker. Admit it, when you have on a sweet tasting lip balm, you lick your lips WAY more then necessary.

Thanks me times 10. I have never resorted to actually licking the product, but I'm still young, there is plenty of time for that.

I am a constant apply-lick-apply-lick kind of person.

My obsession started when I was a kid. When I was maybe 7 or 8, I had a root beer flavored cowboy lip balm.

It was huge! The stick part of the balm was about as round as a quarter, if not larger, and it looked like the body of a cowboy. The cap, was his head with a cowboy hat attached. How cool is that!?

Side note- in my head I am hearing Caboy instead of cowboy because that's how my dad said it.

I was in love with lil Chappy. He was a doll and a sweet lip treat all rolled into one. He also smelled AMAZING!

So amazing in fact I  thought he would make a wonderful scent to my bedroom. My brilliant idea was to smear Chappy on my wall in a little area so I could smell him whenever I was in the room. Really, who wouldn't want their room to smell like root beer.

Well I didn't realize my sweet Chappy was a greasy kind of fella. My mom did though. She obviously did not share my same passion towards Chappy. He was taken away and was never to be seen again. My sweet spot was there as a reminder though of our shot time together.

And no, I did not turn into a wall licker. That's just weird.

Fast forward to the present and I have a sweet son who shares my same passion with lip treats. I don't think we have even been in a store where lip balms were spotted and he not ask for them. We have even bought some from his hair salon. He can sniff them out a mile away. If I put some on and not offer, he will sniff his way over and ask what flavor and where I got it from.

Imagine our delight to be selected to receive and review lip balms from . Not only are they sending me a lick-able flavor, but they have kid lip balms too in lick-able flavors and Jake is getting his very own to use and review! When I told him this, his face went all dreamy. I made a mental note to take a picture of him when we get the lip balms in the mail to share with everyone.

Not only do I love the flavored lip balms, but the tinted ones too. I am a zero make up kind of girl, so I love when my balm has tint to it. Not only does it make my lips feel fresh and smooth, but it gives my mug a little kick.

I can't wait to share with you my exact picks of the lip balms we are trying and the reviews soon! They are in the mail. The best part-

They said they want to do a giveaway with my readers! YEA for you!!!
Check them out , , .They are eco friendly, have organic products and packages and have a TON of lip balms to select from.

(lip balm licking is not a food group nor is recommended as a food substitute. licker's proceed at your own risk)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook The Breaking News Site

Earthquake info, storm updates, breaking news and local events and concerns are all things that people need to know about and often turn to the web for up to date info.

Do they go to the local news site?



I am guilty of the above and my point was proven in seconds yesterday. I was at work and swore I was feeling an earthquake. My co worker suggested going on Facebook to find out. Not MSN or other news breaking sites. Facebook.

I didn't see anyone's status mention it, so I updated mine asking if anyone else felt it. Right away I had confirmation and other status's started changing alerting to the feel of the quake or the disappointment of missing it. I learned within minutes the size of it and where it originated from. It made me feel good that-
a. I wasn't crazy and seeing walls move
b. others turn to Facebook in a time of need

Facebook not only can give me up to date current events and breaking news, but can answer questions too.

Don't know the name of the plastic tip on the end of a shoe string? Ask it as your status and I can guarantee someone knows and will respond. Wondering what time the parade starts, Facebook. Looking for a new book case, just ask. Someone's got one to get rid of.

Is it a reliable go to? Probably not. Is it a fun go to? Absolutely.

Some people post things that leave me wondering what they are thinking and is no help in my quest for breaking news.
From airing their dirty laundry, to peat and repeat. The peat and repeats are usually the poor me's that are looking for sympathy or the braggers looking for more praise. Then there are some who will only divulge a tiny bit of info forcing you to ask what they are talking about. It's a waste of my reading time. You know you want everyone to know what you are talking about or you wouldn't have put it as your status to begin with. If you want me to ask, I won't because it annoys me. I lose interest fast.

I love the weather updates. It's snowing! I can't believe all the snow! Do you see all the snow?! I hate winter. See, no need for the local news, I have Facebook.

My favorites though, after confirming I'm not crazy with the breaking news, are the ones that give you a peek into peoples worlds that you normally wouldn't see. Such as-
Went to the zoo today saw the baby giraffe. (huh, didn't know there was one)
Kindergarten screening today! (awe, I remember those days!)
Allergies! (had no idea she had allergies)

Or how about when about 6 people in a row have the same status. This is the one I fear the most when I see it on multiple status's-
Been up all night with my poor kid. Throwing up and high fever.

Does it not make you map their locations and make you wonder how close the virus is to you and your child school?!

With all this inside peek info comes the awkward moment when you see someone in public that you only really "know" on Facebook. Do you talk like old friends because you know they have recently broken a nail, went to Panera for lunch and hates the heat? Or do you keep walking because in the "real" world, you don't know a thing about this person?

The same can be said for running into good friends. If they tell you something that they posted on their status a few days ago, do you act surprised? It's old reading news in your head, but breaking news in the real world.

Oh Facebook, how I love all your news, frustrations, weather updates and awkwardness.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Full Weekend

I really do think there is something wrong with the work week being longer then the weekend. I don't "work" Monday's and I still feel as though half the time, my weekend has tip toed away and I missed it.

Saturday was an amazingly hot day with clear skies and, at times, a slight breeze. It was also the wedding day for Crista & Justin. Crista asked me last year if I would take their engagement photos. At this point I had only ever shot friends and families and I wasn't sure I had "IT" with strangers.

I swallowed my fear, jumped in feet first and loved it. Because of her, I gained confidence in myself.

Fast forward to Saturday and I had the honor of photographing her wedding. Spending the day with a bride and her girls on such a special day is such a warm experience. In more ways then one. Did I mention it was hot out?

Her day was beautiful, she was beautiful and I had an amazing time photographing it every step of the way.

What I learned from that day, is that my upper thighs need better muscles. I crawled, squatted, lunged and climbed to get the shots. Seeing me laying on the gravel driveway to get a shot was not an unusual site on Saturday.

Sunday morning I found myself still crawling because my upper thigh muscles had seized during the night. I don't even know if calling them muscles would even be the proper term. Basically I was gimping around on 2 charley horse logs of lead.

The wise thing to do would be to nurse my legs at the computer editing photos right?


Sunday was Jakey's special 1st grade back to school shopping trip.


I put on my brave girl face and gimped from store to store. It would have been a short and sweet trip had any of the stores actually had comfy pants in stock. It's August, isn't that December in the retail world? We could find plenty of long sleeve shirts, but no comfy pants to go with. Granted, we were in a town where stores are slim and variety is even slimmer.

We had to settle on getting everything else and deciding on a follow up trip to a more well stocked store at a later date.

He did score a new accessory that he is very excited about. If we'd allow him to sleep with it on, I have no doubt that he would.

He totally rocks it, I think his cap deserves a name...

What is your child's favorite back to school item?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Possible Giveaways

Good morning my reader friends! This morning I have been busy sending out emails and links to my blog in hopes of getting products to review and giveaway to you lovelies!

I found this great site, Bloggerise- .They are a meet and great site for bloggers and companies to mesh together and help spread the word of their products.

To help increase my chances in being honored with a giveaway and/or review, please help spread the word of my blog by asking your friends to follow me. A higher follower number, could possible raise my chances.

I hope to be able to reward someone soon!

Thank you!


Tomorrow I have the pleasure of photographing a wedding. This one is special to me because she was the first "stranger" to ask me to photographer her. She took me out of my comfort zone and I will forever be grateful to her for giving me that push to spread my wings a bit.

And Sunday is Jake's long awaited 1st grade special shopping trip! So you know next week I will have some sweet photos and funny stories to share with you!

What are your weekend plans!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sleep Walkin' & Talkin'

Last night as I was leaving my boys room, Joe mumbled something I couldn't quite make out.

Me- What's that buddy?
Joe- Himma jus hmm couch here.
Me-What? (was that even English)
Joe- moo om there
Me-(practically on top of him now trying to figure out what in the world this kid needs) What buddy? I can't understand you.
Joe-(eyes open and speaking English again) I'm just gonna move over to the other couch now. This one is just for napping.
Me- Uh, ok?

1. He's in bed.
2. His other "couch" was him rolling over onto another pillow.

We are a sleep walkin' & talkin' kinda family. Jake is known to toss out a few mumbles here and there. I've caught Joe sleep walking twice.

The last time I caught him was the last time he got up in the night to go to the bathroom. This alone is alarming to me because Joe never gets up to go. Seriously, it takes him about 5 minutes to uh, you know, relieve himself, in the mornings. The kid has an insane bladder. 

So the first thing to cross my sleep induced mind was VOMIT! He's gonna puke! HURRY! I run-stumble into the bathroom and find him just standing there in the general area of the toilet.

Me-You ok? need a bucket? (it takes a few minutes after panic waking for full sentences to kick in for me)
Joe-What? no
Me-Sure? What you doin'?
Joe-I have to go potty.
(he's still just standing there fully clothed with his eyes half open) you need help?
Joe-No I'm just pottying
Me-(fully awake now) WHAT? Joe are you awake? What are you doing? Do you have to potty?
Joe- Yeah, I'm pottying
Joe- What? oh.

Yeah. Thankfully that was the last he's slept walked. Where does he get it from? Me of course!

I can't remember the last time I walked, and yes I always remembered, but talking is a regular source of entertainment for my husband.

Probably half the time it scares him because I will sit up, look wide awake and say the most random stuff. And because he is the way he is, he will try and get me to keep going.

He is so loving.

He will add a sprinkle of "Oh yeah!" and "What was that". What I am saying seems so legit in my head and his encouragement doesn't help my state of confusion. I usually start to feel frustrated with him because he doesn't follow my conversation or concerns properly. 

If I ask if we turned the pig off, then just say yes so I can go to sleep. Don't ask where the pig is or why we turned it on. That just makes me think you are dumb.

It's usually about the time he starts giggling that I start to break out of the fog. My expression must change a little at this point because this is when he will ask if I'm awake.

That is when I say-
Shut up, leave me alone.
And I fall back asleep to the sound of his giggles.

When I was little I walked a lot in my sleep. It was usually when I was really sick. I don't know if it was due to the fever or the meds or both.

One of the most active walks I took was when I was maybe 10 or so. I walked into every room and collected towels. My pile was huge and heavy. When I was satisfied with my stash and that no towel was left behind, I went into my moms room to give her all of them.

I sat down on her bed and told her I got all the towels. She's trying to wake up and make sense of why I am delivering towels at 1 in the morning. While she is processing all this, I keep patting my pile on my lap and telling her I got them all. I can't figure out why she doesn't understand. What doesn't she get? There are towels here and I got them. I was getting really annoyed. It seemed pretty cut and dry to me.

Just about the same time she is realizing what is happening, I too am coming around.

All of a sudden the switch flipped in my head and I went from patting the pile of towels to feeling like an idiot patting air and realizing what I did.

Ma went back to sleep, I went back to bed.

My absolute favorite walk was Christmas eve one year. I was probably about the same age. 

My bother and I always left our stockings outside our doors.
I got up and saw my stocking was only half full.

I was pissed! What did I do that Santa felt I only deserved a half full sock?!

I went looking for my parents to file a complaint. I found them in the kitchen. When I sleep walk I can only really see or process what I'm dreaming about. It's like tunnel vision.

I find my parents at our kitchen table starting at me completely frozen with deer in the head lights look to them.

This doesn't concern me, I figure they must be as appalled at my stocking as I am. I start waving it around asking questions?

Whats going on? Why is this not full? Is he coming back? 

Nothing. They still just stare. 

I rant some more. Is Dougie's full? Why wouldn't this be full? I don't get it. Are you adding stuff to my stocking too? Who's holding out? What went wrong?

Finally my mom says-
Kelly, are you awake.

huh. nope, no I am not. And I went right back to bed.

The next morning I learned that they were so frozen in fear because the kitchen table was covered in unwrapped gifts. The only reason my stocking was half full was because they were still doing prep work. I think my ma was even sitting there crocheting something for Dougie.

What gets me though, is my family having to ask if I'm awake.

1. if I'm holding imaginary things, isn't that a huge gimme? 
2. if what I'm saying makes no sense what so ever, again, another gimme.

So I look forward to more adventures and conversations with my kids in the middle of the night. 

What I've learned from past experience is this-

~Don't ask, tell. I'll tell them they are sleeping, this is usually the trigger that helps clear the fog. Of course I'll wait until I've had my full of giggles

~Go with it. If Joe is worried about the pig still being on, I will reassure him I shut him off.

~And Most importantly...Wrap all Christmas presents well in advance and not at night.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spunk It Up Issues

I'm attempting to spunk up my page a bit more, make it more personalized and off the beaten path. Please be patient, I promise to be back to "normal" in a day or 2. Trying to change it up hasn't been as easy as I thought it'd be. No wonder why so many bloggers have plain pages. I miss my readers comments and laughing at ourselves! Thanks for sticking around!

This weekend I have the honor of shooting a wedding. My head is full of excitement, ideas and memories. What was you favorite moment at your wedding? What is your most special photo from that day? Are they the same moments?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School Supplies Coming Outta My Nose

If you've read me before, you know back to school shopping is a special time for our family. While it may be a special time, it is also a huge pain in my rear end. That pain is mostly called supplies and pants that fit Joe.

Today I'd like to share with you our little outing Monday to find a simple list of back to school supplies my boys needed. We don't add the supplies to our one on one outings because I would need to be committed after that. Our one on one shopping trips are clothes only. Make that part of the fine print if you try our method this year.


I heard or read somewhere at some point in the not so far past that the second week in Aug is the best week to buy school supplies. It's supposed to be the best sales and the shelves are still in pretty good shape.

Did I research this "fact"? No. The farthest I went into verifying this info is the following-

1. Saturday I went to Target to scope out shelf conditions

2. Bought the Sunday paper and only looked at Targets ad.

Prepared I am not.

What I learned Saturday on my scoping trip, was the shelves looked as though they were attacked by gremlins. Which I'm sure they were. So I thought my plan to go on a Monday would be great. Everyone else would come and get their stuff on the weekend and Target would restock and organize their shelves just for us on Monday!

So we are ready. I have my coupons, boys have their lists and we are freshly fed from lunch. Lets do this! First things first -

Me- Boys, do you have to potty?
Boys- No.
Me- Are you sure? I'm not walking all the way back there and be half way done then you have to go potty.
Boys- No mom. We're fine.
Me- Alright, I don't want to hear it then.

We follow the maze of reconstruction that is Target to the far back corner for supplies.

What do I find?


This is MY shopping day, they were supposed to be here Saturday and Sunday!

Whatever. We are getting this done if it kills me.

I decided this year, I'm going to cheat on the supply list as much as I felt I could. I understand to an extent that uniform supplies are needed because they all go in a class stash and used as needed. But who cares if my child's art journal is black. It's his. No one else will use it. It doesn't go in a free for all bin. So we didn't buy 8 black marble compositions books this year. We rocked out the compositions books!


The boys school requires certain colored folders. These we did not cheat on by the way because each color represents a different topic. Say green is math, yellow science, you get the idea. They highly recommend getting the plastic pocket folders because they are sturdier. I get that, who wants to handle a mushy, unidentifiable folder in Feb? What I don't get is their apparent hatred towards clasp folders. I felt Joe's list was yelling at me.

This is not a quote because I don't have the list in front of me, but this is my memory which is funnier.

1 each plastic POCKET folder of the following colors (red, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, black, white, rainbow, gray, teal, sepia, and neon of all previously stated) POCKET REQUIRED DO NOT SEND IN CLASP FOLDERS. If your child needed clasp folders, we would ask for clasps. POCKET ONLY PLASTIC FOLDERS OF IMPOSSIBLE COLORS!

Any buyers for local stores out there really should read the supply lists they have provided and notice we are not allowed clasps! Stop overstocking on them!

Every year there is a color folder that is a HUGE pain in my rear to find. This year, Orange. Have you ever seen an orange folder? Much less an orange POCKET ONLY plastic folder. Who cares if there are clasps in it, pretend you don't see them or cut them out.

I hate climbing out from the depths of the shelves, seriously I get in them, with the victory folder triumphantly in my hand, waiving it the face of other diggers and realizing it has clasps.

SON OF A...!

By this point I have been in the shelves for at least 45 min looking for the proper colored POCKET ONLY plastic folders and guess who has to go potty.


I must salute my boys for not lecturing me all the way across the store that I should have gone when we got there.

I begged the front desk not to restock my cart. I think she was slightly afraid of me since I had supplies stuck in my hair.

On our way back to the far corner of Target, you know its a prime spot, move it a little closer, we stopped in office supplies to search for the horrid orange folder.

I was a heart beat away from buying a gray folder and writing orange on it. You may think I'm joking, but I literally had it in my hands and was wondering what kind of sense of humor Joe's teacher has.

BUT! What do I spot out of the corner of my orange folder. It was glowing, well it could have been the sweat dripping into my eyes that was causing the glow. Also, it's more of a sherbet color and is not plastic but I don't care! It's either a soon to be mush folder or gray with ORANGE written on it!

Orange is done now both boys need red. Easy. The closest I could find was pink. This is my conversation with Jake-

Me- Here's red!
Jake- Uh, wred? Awre you shore dis is wred?
Me- Yes. Put it in the cart. No! I didn't say move the cart, I said Put. It. In. The. Cart.
Jake- but it's pink.
Me- I said it's red
Jake- but
Me- I DIDN'T THINK SO, PUT IT IN THE CART. Where did Joe go with the cart?!

Yeah, awesome family fun.

You'd think that would be it for that hard stuff right?

pencils- check
spiral note book- check
pencil box- check
marker, crayons, dry erase get the idea.
All checks until...

2 packs of wide ruled paper.

Target, apparently, has stock in college ruled paper. They are wide ruled haters. Case upon case of college ruled. I figure, well it must be the same thing, it must be a potato/poetatoe. I must have said this out loud because a women emerged from a case of note cards and informed me, in great detail, the difference in line sizes.

So I haul my children back up to office supplies where we buy the last of the wide ruled paper. They didn't even have extra on their shelves! Back in the day, that's all I needed so why is this so strange and hard to find?!

The WHOLE time I'm crawling across shelves and into cases this is Joe (seriously)-

Paper? Why would I need paper? What's the paper for? Jake can you believe I need paper? I never needed paper before. Mom why are we getting paper?

He was rattling this paper chant for a solid 20 min.

And really, I can't blame the kid. We just cheated on 4 rockin' compostion notebooks for him, how much writing are you going to do in a year?

The other thing I wonder is this-

If all of my POCKET ONLY PLASTIC FOLDERS, don't have clasps, what are you going to do with all of these sheets of paper?

Our school does offer an easy way out by purchasing pre-packaged supplies. But back to school wouldn't feel as back to school to me if I didn't have the urge to chuck the supplies threw the front door on the first day of school.

Code blue! Sony greenlights 'Smurfs 2' - MSN Movies News


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

There are some days that sneak up on you way too quick and there are others that you wish you could sneak away from. Today is one of those days for me.

My birthday.

My parents always went all out for our big days. We had breakfast in bed, choose what was for dinner or where we ate. We had parties if we wanted or a special outing with a friend or 2.

Since I was lucky enough to have a summer birthday, I usually had big parties since we could be outside and out of my parents hair. What was also a huge plus, doubling up on the parties.

My graduation birthday.

My wedding day...the day before my birthday.

Pretty sweet memories for a birthday girl right? Yep. Until 8 yrs ago today. I lost my dad.


I've struggled with this, have been pissed off with this, have had every anger known over this. Why him? Why that day? 

I'm a very lucky girl when it comes to the men in my life and my mom. 

My dad. Was the kind of dad everyone liked to be around. He was funny, strong, obnoxious but above all he loved his kids. We could do no wrong.

My brother. Always had my back even if I didn't know it. As adults, he came running when things got scary. Running to the scaries, not away.

My husband. Where would I even being to sing his praises? He is flat out, all in all, an amazing man. Ladies, be jealous. 

My mom. She's the glue in more ways the one. She holds it all together and can bend over backwards to make it happen.

My boys. I am raising them to be all of the above. 

I know today is my day the way it is now for a reason. I'm not totally sure of that reason. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that the day I was given to my first love, was the day he was taken from me. 

But our sad day is sprinkled with happiness by other peoples joy of the thought of birthdays. A day that is full of sorrow, is also full of a Facebook family and friends saying to have a happy birthday. I get that as a gift every year. A quick message to give me a quick smile. 

So to all of you happy wishers and readers ~

Have a happy day and laugh at something obnoxious in honor of my dad today.

Dougie, daddy and I

Christmas 1996

Daddy and Robert, rainiest camping trip ever!


Feeling Joe move for the first time 2002

Joe and his Popa July 2003

Joe's last visit with his Popa

Friday, August 5, 2011

World's first diamond contact lenses cost a cool $15K - style -

World's first diamond contact lenses cost a cool $15K - style -

I have thousands more musts on my list before these would even be slightly considered and swept aside. 

My top 5 musts for $15K would be-

1. Save some for the boys college fund. Joe has big ideas for a house when he grows up, he'll need a very well paying job!

2. Pay off my medical bills and save a stash since it's a forever yearly expense.

3. Vacation

4. Down payment on a home

5.  Play money for our vacation and home

I know 15K really doesn't stretch far for my top 5's but at least it's a boost to them. What would your top 5 be if you had an extra 15K laying around? Would it be contacts?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Passes And A Little Review

As promised, it's Thursday and I am here to share with you how I got a pair of free movie tickets. Since I'm sharing info, it means it they worked!!

Somehow I found this site-

It seemed way to easy peasy. Just enter my simple info, search by zip code and BOOM! I was offered my choice of screening dates and places within 20 miles of my zip for the movie 30 Minutes Or Less.

The only thing I did not like was I couldn't see the actual theater's location until I reserved my tickets. There were about 4 dates as a location listed as Buffalo and 1 for Williamsville. One of the Buffalo dates would have been more convenient for me, but I didn't want to end up down town somewhere with a ticket that may or may not work.

So I placed my order for 2 tickets, the max you can get, for the Williamsville location for last night's showing at 7:30.

This is what the tickets looked like when I printed them.

Obnoxious, right?! See why I wasn't totally convinced this was going to work! And by the way, the shirt my husband has on is one he got in his Old Navy grab bag a few weeks ago. The one he thought he'd hate but loves!

The site recommended getting there about an hour before show time. Your ticket gives you a CHANCE to get in. They over book to be sure they have a full house. We got there one hour before show time and the lobby was one huge line for the movie. We didn't think we stood a chance, and if we did, it'd be front row and I'd be hurling from watching a movie right on top of me.

I got in line and Robert headed over with our free popcorn text's that we got a few days before that I posted about. He came back empty handed because we couldn't get a signal in there to download  the coupon in the text! What a tease that promo was. Yeah, sure, here's a free popcorn code, but good luck in our signal free building.

The line moved swiftly once they started letting us in. We handed our tickets over within 20 minutes of being there. The line continued to the screen room being held up by security. They checked bags and waived their magic security wands over us for recording devices. Yes, cell phones are considered recording devices. So unless you want to leave it in a brown lunch bag with a ticket stapled to it in the hall, or risk the $500 fine and jail time that was being threatened, leave your phone in the car.

I found us seats while Robert ran our phones back. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection available still for seating. I guess those rooms hold a lot more then I though. We ended up a little less then half way up in the middle. Not a bad score at all!

Wait....I'm misleading you. My personal experience in my seat choice, was very, uh, well, I got what I paid for I guess.

First I should tell you the last time we saw a movie in the theater was a kids movie that was not a full house in the least. I had munchkins all around me. That, I guess, has spoiled me. All that free space around me and plenty of arm room. Last night I was between my husband and a, little on the extra large side, guy and next to him, his girlfriend.

I swear the seats shrunk. I didn't know what to do with my arms. They felt like huge elephant trunks waiving around looking for peanuts. I ended up striking the pout pose, arms crossed over my chest, for most of the movie in order to stay in my tiny seat zone.

Big guy next to me should have followed my lead. If he had, maybe, just maybe, his relationship with his girlfriend would stand a chance of taking it to the next level.

He was the worst movie goer. EVER! I'm not kidding. His arm was all over in my chair zone, granted I kind of allowed him access as I leaned as far away from him as possible into Robert area. Why was infringing on Roberts seat zone?  BECAUSE HE WAS SWEATY AND FANNING HIS SHIRT! Gag.

Do you want to know why he was so sweaty? I know you do. He was so sweaty because he would fling himself around while he screamed/laughed throughout the movie. The entire movie. It was a funny movie too.

He'd scream laugh, point to the screen with his full arm extended, bob his head to the music. Oh, when I say music, I mean even the ring tones on the cells in the movie. Sometimes he'd even laugh so hard he'd be leaning over onto his girlfriend scream laughing on her. Yes. On her.

And guess what, she was a scream laugher too. Who knows, maybe they were made for each other.

I've lost my point here. The movie. It was hilarious! Basically its about 2 friends who kidnap a guy to rob a bank for them and how the guy and his friend go about doing it.

Vulgar isn't even close to how I would describe the movie. The entire movie was inappropriate but that's what made the whole thing funny. My husband said it best when we got home. He said there wasn't a funny scene. It was funny start to finish. Seriously, scream laugher broke a sweat over it.

Do not go see this with you kids, shame on you parents that did last night. Your kids are scarred now, I'm a sure of it. Within 5 minutes it's clear this isn't a family fun night out movie.

You want to see this with your friends, the obnoxious ones who have a solid sense of humor. Not the ones who are easily offended. Of course you want to see this on a date too. It'll let you know if you have a scream laugher on your hands.

What I would do different next time...

~ get there 1 1/2 hrs early so we would have better seat choices and not have the fear of being the first ones in the over capacity line.

~bring friends with you and make them your end caps. I can not have another sweaty scream laugher experience again.

Check out the movies site, it comes out on the 12th. Good luck scoring some pre screening tickets in the future! I'd love to hear if you get any.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To School Shopping

August, already! Really?! Who's ready for back to school?

Since it's back to school shopping time already and I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, does that mean I am behind the game? Are the Easter decorations out yet?

I truly do love back to school shopping with my boys. We carried on a tradition my mom did with my brother and I when we were little. 

We each got one day out with our mom all by ourselves to shop and eat where we wanted. We even got to sit in the front seat of the car! No fighting, no pouting and no whining. Wait, maybe it wasn't so much for us, but for my moms sanity.

Whatever her reasons may have been, it was something I looked forward to do every summer and is a warm memory of mine.

When Joe's first shopping trip came around, I don't know who was more excited, me or him. He was so proud. He told anyone that would listen, well lets be honest-he didn't care if you listened, that he was shopping for his Kindergarten clothes. It still brings a smile to my face remembering him tell the people at the Gap counter he is getting is K clothes and that he is going to school.

The day stuck with him as something special, like how I remembered it being. He was excited to go the following year too.

I knew though, that this is a great tradition to have, when he got excited for Jake to go on his first ever school shopping trip last year.

He told Jake all the stores he had went to his first time, what he bought, where he ate and even what he ate.

My favorite memory of Jake's first trip was waiting in line to check out at "JakeyPenny's" (he swore that's what JC Penny's was called), he looked up and saw a mannequin in a long sleeve shirt and track pants. For those of you who don't know Jake, that is like his uniform. If I'd let him, he'd wear that combo outfit all summer long. This particular outfit was even green, his favorite color.

He said eyes wide and pointing - "Dat. Dat wight dare. I want dat fo kinagawden."

So we go out of line and got "dat" outfit. It turned out to be the most highly worn outfit all year long. His first day pick even.

Last year we worked harder with Joe understanding how to make his money stretch. He was more then welcome to buy that shirt that wasn't on sale, but it would take a big chunk out of his budget. We'd see what else was on sale or on the clearance racks before he committed to it. He got excited to see that he could buy 3 clearance shirts for the price of 1 regular.

This year they were gifted some $ for school shopping. What they were given, I will let them buy clothes without my opinion, which will be a new adventure to add to our shopping trip! We'll see how that goes...

So I urge you to try it with your family. It's never too late to start. We only did it once they were in K. Jake was ok with being left out of the experience for 2 yrs because he knew it was special and his time was coming fast. Too fast if you ask me.

If you have an only child, you can still make it special by not doing a single thing during the trip out that has to do with you. Don't pick up that milk, don't scoot over to see if they have baskets on sale. The special school shopping trip is all about 1 person, and it's not you. That's not always as easy as it sounds either!

Your child will thank you. And if they don't, like I probably never did to my mom, they will by honoring the yearly tradition by doing it with their kids.

What is your families favorite back to school traditions? If you do try this way of shopping this year, I'd love to hear how it went for your family too!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Popcorn And Movie Tickets...Hopefully

If you like Yahoo! Movies on Facebook, there is a heading on the side to get free popcorn at any Regal Theater. The coupon is sent to your phone via text and is good for a week. Supposedly you can get one everyday. I haven't tried this out yet to see if that's true or not! I did get a coupon text to my phone though.

I also got 2 free pre-screening movie tickets to Regal for Wed to see 30 Min Or Less. I will share with all of you how I did it on Thursday, it wasn't on Yahoo! Movies. Why Thursday and not right now? I need to see if they actually work or not! I don't want to share a dud.

Either way I am super excited for Wed. for a potential cheap date night! We'll either see a free new movie, rated higher then PG, and get free popcorn, or we will spend the evening driving our sitter to and fro.

Whatever, I get out of the house for a non sports related activity for at least an hour no matter what!