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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Migrate Or Not To Migrate

I just read this blurb about different animals habit for migrating, Great Migrations: Wildebeest - Bing Travel:. I have always been fascinated with the solid plan animals seem to have.

Take birds flying in formation. How do they decide who leads first? Coin flip? Rock paper scissors? Whatever they do seems to work because I don't see any birds flapping around crying because it was his turn to go first.

With migration, how do they know the exact spot they need to go to each year and when to start? Do they pick up their calender at Target and mark the passing days off? Mark the trees with slashes? The article mentioned specific spots for the butterflies to go. What butterfly picked it and made it the head hang out for all butterfly generations? Do they even realize they are going there or do they wake up one day flying and wondering where the hell they are going? How do they know how to get there? I personally panic if I don't have a MapQuest printout for anything more then 15 miles away. It even said butterflies from point A to B go to one spot and the ones living between C and D go another. HOW DO THEY KNOW!? What happens to the rebels?

I need to sit in on a migration meeting and get pointers for my kids. Imagine a world of kids taking turns leading without a fight, getting to school in a calm orderly manner, knowing we need to head to the grocery store without being told.

Yeah, I can't imagine it either...

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