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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updated Photo Tabs

I finally got a chance to update a few of my photo tabs. Take a peek inside these wonderful families worlds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The tabs can be found on the right side of the blog. They are labeled as How I See It. Life and I Do Part 3 have been updated.


To Lock Or Not To Lock

One of the most dreaded things for me while out and about is the public bathroom. First simply because it's gross. We've all been there, I don't need to back up my statement. My big dread though, is the peek.

Yes, the peek. It can happen a few ways. Like the door hinge causes a 3 inch gap and the new comer can't help but make eye contact while looking for an open stall. A faulty lock is by far the worst contender.

A faulty lock gives you a false sense of security until you get the new comer who likes to test the doors to see if they are locked or not. That would be fine, IF all locks were as reliable as they bill themselves out to be.

I usually have my foot ready to slam the door shut for these occasions. If a finger gets caught, so be it. 

I can actually pin point the exact moment toilet locks/peekers became an issue with me. 

I was either in 1st or 2nd grade, my one girlfriend has a scary good memory and could probably not only tell you what grade, but what we were wearing on this day in history. 
We had a single bathroom in the class without a lock. If the door was shut, it was in use. Simple right? If you still can't remember if closed means it's free or not, knock. If someone answers, I'm pretty sure it's a good indication, the toilet is occupied.

Well, Christopher S did not understand those simple instructions. I'm in there, door is shut. There is a knock, I say SOMEONE'S IN HERE! I was not shy at letting people know the room is mine for a minute or 2. There is another knock. I SAID SOMEONE'S IN-
the door opens.

That little tool opened the door and laughed.

I wish I had my foot ready then. It would have been totally worth a trip to the principals office.

So ever since then, public bathrooms cause a little lock anxiety for me. Not only for their lack of working, but working too well.

As a grown adult, mother of 2, I Kelly Clinard, have been stuck- NO- held hostage in the bathroom by a lock.

Not once. Nope. twice. 

The first time it happened was a few years ago at my moms. The perfect place really to have my first hostage situation. 
I had had surgery on my neck a few weeks before and I had lost my voice. Her bathroom was recently redone and the new door handle had a stiff lock. 

You can see where this is going right?

Yep. I couldn't get the friggin lock to turn. I tried yelling for help. Have you ever tried yelling without a voice? It made me laugh. Hard. When I laugh hard in a normal situation, as in full voice and not stuck, I can't breath or speak. Needless to say, no one came running to my rescue. 

I tried everything. I even tried using my shirt as a grip and that didn't work. Just as I was coming around to the idea of spending Christmas in the pooper, I tried one more time and it turned easy peasy. 

When I came into the living room, still laughing and not making a sound, they all looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to charade to them what happened, and just gave up. I'm pretty sure they didn't even realize I was missing.

This past weekend I was at my oldest friends wedding, the same one with the freakishly good memory. 
~I'd like to send a shout out to my midget table friends! Keep it short girls!~

I kept hearing bathroom talk. The locks weren't working. People had visitors they didn't invite. You get the idea. My lock/peek anxiety was on HIGH alert.

I waited until I absolutely had to go. I contemplated the bushes but it was dark out and my balance isn't stellar.
I was relieved to find a line. That, to me, meant no peekers. Everyone knows the room is taken, the line screams wait your turn!
Still, when I got in knowing there was a line and the lock didn't work, I still turned it.

I have to say, once I turned around and surveyed my private lair of 2 minutes, I was thankful for taking the extra step of locking the door. The toilet, was up on a platform. Never before have I seen such a thing. If a peeker were to make their way to my room, I would be up on stage for all to see. My KNEES would be eye level.

It's just not right.

I power peed like I never power peed before.

My blood pressure eased as I washed my hands and turned to leave.


I couldn't open the friggin lock! Oh it turned just fine, up, down, sideways, but did it accept it's new position? Nope.

Son of a.....

I shook it, turned it, hit it and pleaded with it for a good 2 minutes. By the time I got it unlocked and flung the door open, there was a girl standing in front of it starring wide eyed, mouth hanging open with a look of horror on her face.

I, very calmly with sweat dripping from my face, I said THE LOCK WAS STUCK! I WAS STUCK! 
She said, very pathetically, Yeah, I saw that.
Poor girl- I, I won't.


So now you can see why I have trouble deciding do I lock it and hope I am not held hostage, or unlock and hope there are no peekers.

I am still nervous every time I use my mom's bathroom. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eco Lips Review and Giveaway ***CLOSED***

I LOVE LIP BALMS. As you many of you know this from my previous post, A Mom Just Winging It: Lickin The Lip Balms , I am a wearer and a licker. I have passed this down to my youngest as well.

We, Jake and I, recently tried a few of Eco Lips balms, , and they not only rank high in our books as great lip balms, but as their lickability too.

This is our Eco Lips stash-

This was my tinted pick. I am not a make up wearer, so when I need a kick to my look, I always go for tinted lip balms and add some gloss to it. This particular color was not to bold, it added just the right amount of sparkle and color to a bare face.It wasn't cakey and sticker either.

The Renew balm is my favorite. I love everything about it. The size, it's larger then your average stick, so I can feel it in my pocket and don't wash it! The smell, AMAZING! It's Orange Spice. The name says it all. The feel, smooth and perfect. The taste, again...Orange Spice! I took this camping with us. I am brand new to allergies and I was hit hard when we were out. This was a face saver. The spicy smell made me breath a little easier and the balm made my lips feel fresh and moist from being a stuffy mouth breather!

This is Jake's. The second he put it on, he licked it and grinned. How could you go wrong? He loves grapes and lip balms! Seriously, the description for this says it all...
A lip balm as grape-y as a popsicle, 100% edible, USDA Certified Organic."

This one Jake was also really excited about because it came with an Eco Clip.

With the clip he was able to put it on his backpack and he rotates between the Eco Gold and the Goodness Grapeness.

One of the coolest things about Eco Lips products, they are organic! Our stash isn't all they have to offeeither, they have pages and pages on line of different types of balms, tinted, kid, classic, spf, specialy, cause geared and a ton more They also have a bunch of different clips and holders.
Check them out~

Loving it right? Eco Lips is hosting a giveaway of their Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip! GO! ENTER! Good luck!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ioion Watch

First, I think it's very important for you to know that I am not a watch fan. I find them constrictive and uncomfortable. I hate the pinch from the strap and how stiff it it. I've tried elastic band and they cut off my circulation and leave insane dents in my wrist. I've just never met one I couldn't live without.

Until I met Ioion.

My sweet Ioion is my wrists bff.

This picture doesn't even begin to do sweet Ionion justice.

I didn't think this relationship would go well due to my past with watches and the color white. It's still as white as the first day we met. I have worn Ioion everyday for the past month except for maybe 2 or 3 days when I forgot. And let me tell you, when I go to work and realize I forgot Ioion, I feel let down.

My Ioion watch is the Plasma style. She comes in so may different colors, that eeny meeny miny moe, could quite possibly be the only way to choose just one.

The Ioion Plasma is a cuff style watch made out of something amazing that's like rubber silk. I thought for sure it was going to be irritating when I got hot or be clingy.
It's not. I think the only irritating thing about my Ioion Plasma is I can't stop petting it. It really is soft.

There is a flat spot on the cuff of the watch that lays right at my wrist's pulse point, so when it's touching my desk, it doesn't dig into it and make weird red marks. It's slip on, not tight and not so loose that you have to flip it around to see what time it is.

Half the time I don't even realize it's on, that's how I can forget Ioion sometimes, because it's so comfortable.

Ioion Plasma is just flat out a super cool watch. This is coming from a watch hater.

Plasma isn't their only style either if you don't like the chunky style. They have a few thinner banded ones like the Plasma and some good old fashion belt like bands.

My personal fav it the Plasma. I can't decide if I want this one next

or this one

 or maybe this one

Told ya eeny meeny miny moe was the way to go for Ioion Palsma's!
Check them out and get your own, you won't regret it!

Hey Dude

 I don't even know where to begin to list my favorites with these shoes by Hey Dude, .

They are the Moka style in white.
I kid you not the second I stepped into them I said they felt like slippers. While putting the packaging mess away, I found a card that was in the box that says "The function of sneakers combined with the comfort of slippers!" I swear too you, I did not know that was part of the shoes appeal. I just thought they were cool shoes.
They have a cool boat shoe/loafer feel to them. They weigh absolutely nothing but feel amazing.

From the very beginning I wore them all day everyday and my feet felt amazing. There was no get to know you, uncomfortable breaking in period. They were absolutely perfect from the start. My very first full day with them I was on my feet all day running between soccer games, a family photo shoot and a night out with the hubs. I was still starry eyed in love with them at the end of the night because my feet felt great.

The only bad thing I have to say about the Moka, and it's not the Moka's fault at all, is the pin it came with, you can see it in the bottom photo, fell off one day when I was crawling around on the ground outside. I thought it was such a cute touch and just really bummed when I lost it.

I'll have to find another cool pin to replace it.

Check them out, they even have men's shoes. EVERYONE needs a pair of these shoes. They are not a want, they are a NEED.

Santa, if you're reading this...

I'm sure you know what do with that link.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Winky Boo

So I thought I found my new favorite weekend tee. The reason why I say I THOUGHT is because when I pointed out to Jake how soft it was, he immediately claimed it as his.

Since I am a grown adult and he is all of munchkin, he wore it to bed. I think it'll be a race to see who gets to claim it from the wash first.

The shirt is from a company called Winky Boo.

This is my/Jake's comfy weekend tee~
                           The Tree Face Tee

Their selection isn't huge, but what they do have is fun and, I imagine, just as amazingly soft and comfy as my Tree Face Tee. It just feels good. It's not just thrown together super thin fabric, it's a good solid tee. Usually if you find a solid tee, it's either boring, rough or see through!

GAH! This Thor just screams awesome and comfy.

I'm sure if Joe ever finds out about this, he will have it on his must have's comfy list. He already hinted that my Tree Face tee looks like the tree's in Harry Potter. Which totally make sense because he stalks Jake around the house when he has it on.

Winky Boo is as awesome as their tee. From now until forever, when you purchase from their site, enter WINKYMUSIC at checkout and get 65% off your ENTIRE purchase. My Tree Face tee was only $17 to begin with!

On my wish list...

hint. hint. hint.

check them out~!/winkyboo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GAH! Shel Silverstein!
 I don't think there is a person out there who doesn't melt slightly at their childhood memories of reading Shel Silverstein. Now there is a new book!
Gotta have it.

'via Blog this'

August Kitchen...YUM!

August Kitchen makes these amazing seasonings. Not your average seasoning either that you are thinking of. This is chopped up, mixed together sauce seasonings. They are drool worthy.

First let me tell you, I LOVE onions! Love them. As soon as I opened the Original Onion flavor seasoning, I immediately stuck my finger in the jar. I was not disappointed. 

That night we mixed it into beef for burgers. Well, by we, I mean Robert. Seriously, that's all he had to do to jazz up the beef, was mix in a bit of the seasoning. It was sweet with a little kick to it and of course, onion. Since I am bias when it comes to the taste of onion, Robert isn't in the least and he even liked it! He was excited to try the Chipotle Onion seasoning next.

When we opened that jar, again my finger found it's way in the sauce. This one was a little too spicy for me. It made my nose run. I am a huge wimp when it comes to spiciness. Robert on the other hand, I'm pretty sure grunted and claimed it as his own. 

A great thing about the seasonings is they came with recipes! I don't know if they just knew I needed the extra help, or if they do that for everyone. I do know you can find them on their web site if you don't get them.

Chili, burgers, meatloaf, chicken, shrimp...oh my!

My next adventure will be meatloaf with my jar and Robert can make chili with his jar!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review/Giveaway/Discount Marathon

I have a whole slew of products to tell you about so I thought it would be great to do a product posts marathon this week. All the products I personally have been able to use and abuse. Some even my family has tried out as well. There is one in particular that WAS for me but was 'stolen' by Joe.

Some will come with a discount code, some with a chance to win one for yourself and others as just great info. I have not been paid for my opinion. I get to try it out and score some deals for you along the way.

I don't know about you, but I am already stepping into Christmas panic mode. Who to buy for and what to get. I hope this marathon helps you find some ideas this week!

Today was the tip off of our marathon. Check out the Perfect Concealer Clips and Invisible Tape post below. Good luck winning it for yourself too!

After the marathon, I have a funny story for all you about my first experience as a dance parent.

A Review and Giveaway For You ***CLOSED***

CONGRATS April! Please email me your address so I can get them out

I recently got to try out Strap Perfect Concealer Clips and Invisible Tape.

The clips are perfect for 2 things, turning your bra straps into racer back and keeping the straps from slipping off your shoulder. 
The package comes with 3 different color clips, clear, beige and black. 

It's super easy to clip them on too. The back of the package even gives you 2 different pointers on how to attach them to your straps.

Once they are on, you can't even feel them. I use mine mainly to keep my bra straps in place. I hate the mid day shoulder slip. It drives me crazy!

The Invisible Tape seriously has endless possibilities. I am a tank top girl, many times I wear them with a cardi. I add a strip to each strap on my tank and attach it to my cardi so no more surprise bear shoulder flash at work. 
I have a stash in my purse in case I have a lost button during the day or I find mid morning at my desk that my top doesn't sit as appropriately as it does when I'm standing, I can tape that sucker down to be more work friendly!

It even comes as pre cut strips of tape. So when you are half awake getting ready, you can just grab one and not have to worry about digging for scissors.

No wardrobe malfunctions for you!
Hems too! I'm rotating the boys clothes this weekend to winter wear, and I'm sure I will find many pants for Jake that will love to meet these little sticky guys.

You do have to remove them before washing and ironing (not that I iron)!

I have a box of Invisible Tape and a package of Strap Perfect Concealer Clips for 1 lucky winner too!

It's so easy to win.

1. You have to be one of my awesome followers. Just click the Follow button!

2. Like them on Facebook
or follow them on Twitter

3. Once you did 1 & 2, come back and leave me a comment telling me you did it and why you should get the Invisible Tape and Strap Perfect Concealer Clips!

The winner will be drawn and announced on the 26th!

See! I told you it was easy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Admit It, You're Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Irrational Behavior"

Oh. My. Gosh! I just got done reading this book by Judy Reiser-

I am the first to admit that I'm full of OCD tendencies and a sprinkle of crazy. This book made me feel like I was having a good laugh with my other slightly crazy friends!

I am pretty sure all of my strongest crazy needs were validated in this book. I had many, many moments of ME TOO! Like needing the toilet paper roll to be from the top, not the bottom.Taking a magazine or newspaper from the middle of the pile. For me, I feel like the front isn't as fresh and crisp because that's the one everyone pages threw in line! Along the same lines, if I open a package of something, say kids underwear, to check the size, I'll take the unopened package even if the one I just opened is what I want. Who wants an opened pack of underwear!

There was practically a whole chapter that made me cringe. It had peoples quirky ironing habits.I loathe ironing. I will either rewash it or wear it wrinkled. Loathe it.
In "Admit It, You're Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Irrational Behavior" I found a maintenance man who irons his underwear and on "special occasions" he'll iron his socks. Then there is an artist who irons her newspaper. Oh, yeah. I said newspaper. She can't read it without ironing it first.

This one is, hands down, my favorite. It almost made me cry because I struggle with this every Halloween when picking out pumpkins. When I was in high school, a friend of mine even wrote a poem about the pumpkins I pick out. 
"When we go to pick out a Christmas tree, my daughter always picks out the most pathetic looking tree, because she feels sorry for it and she wants it to have a home"
If we didn't have a fake tree, this would be me. I have gotten better with walking away from the pumpkins, but when I was younger, I'd get teary over them.

I highly recommend this book for yourself, it'll make you feel good about your odd habits, and for that friend or cousin or neighbor that always makes you wonder why. Why do they do that? It's good for the people that make you laugh when you see them setting the microwave time to all the same number.

Judy Reiser has 2 other books that I will be adding to my 'wanna get' list.

"And I Thought I Was Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Meshugaas"
"In A Cell Phone Minute"

check her out here:

I will leave you with these last peeks at some of my quirks that would fit right in one of Judy's books.
-I must eat all burgers and sandwiches in a circle. 
- I eat anything that looks the least satisfying first. Right down to the cut up pieces of meat. I want the very last piece of food on my fork to be the very best my meal has to offer. I want the last thing I eat to be AMAZING. No, it doesn't always work in my favor because, a lot of times, I get full before I get to that piece!
- I have to look at all the pictures, read the captions and all the titles in my magazines before I can read it.
- When checking Facebook on my iPhone, I have to refresh the screen 3 times before I will read it. I want it to be 100% up to date before I read it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The ABC's of Me

A- age 32

B- Bold. Especially if it has to do with my kids. My husband has many times tried not to look like he was with me when I turned momma bear. 

C- Caring. I was told once that no one cares as much as I do. If you are a part of my tight world, I have your back.

D- Dabbler. I like to think of myself as a dabbler in awesome things. I don't like to refer to them as hobbies. A hobby to me is something I can take time out to do regularly. I dabble in jewelry making, random hot gluing of items (my favorite way to sew), knitting (I only know how to do 1 stitch. Seriously.) and making stuff for our home (as long as it solely consists of glue or push pins).

E- Early bird. I can get up at any time and be ON as long as I've showered. I can't start my day slow, it has to go from OFF to ON right away. I also have to be early everywhere I go. If I need to be somewhere at 7, I jot down 6:30. I was never the harried running late dragging my half clothed kids behind me. I like to factor in traffic, lost keys, low gas and any other hick ups. It drives my husband nuts if I am herding everyone out the door at 5:30, to be somewhere 5 minutes away that starts at 6. But you always know you can count on us then! Unless it's something that I am really uncomfortable about, then we are late.

F- Funny. One of the most wonderful feelings, besides the love of my family, is when I've made someone laugh. Nothing is more beautiful then a laughing person.

G- Go with the flow. I try not to worry about the things I can not change and just go with it until the wave is over.

H- Hope. I am full of it. For everything and everyone. 

I- Inappropriate. I admit, I am not always the most appropriate grown up in the room. I laugh when I shouldn't (usually because I am nervous), I talk when I should be listening, and I say what everyone is thinking. 

J- Jake & Joe. The most amazing boys a girl could ever wish for children.

K- Kelly Rose Clinard

L- Laughter. My favorite sound.

M- Mom. The biggest part of me. The me I've wanted since I was a child.

N- No. I know how to say it to my kids and adults. I think a lot of parents need to learn how to use that word better. It's not impressive when you have agreed to do everything asked of you and stretch yourself thin. It doesn't impress the adults and it certainly doesn't impress the kids who's parent is too busy helping everyone else out to sit down and play. Same goes for kids. Yes is the easy way out for every situation. Show them respect by saying No. The real world will be killer if they don't understand that.

O- OCD. It drives me nuts if I am not in control of a situation. 

P- Photographer. I'm not a pro but I'm pretty damn good and I am always working on getting better.
Q- Quirky. I think that's a given with my mix of F, I, O and W.

R- Reader. I love to find myself reading a book and laughing out loud at it. I am currently working on the Harry Potter series, along with a few others, so my JoeJoe has someone in the house who can actually carry on a conversation with him regarding the books.

S- Survivor. Thyroid cancer. Hurthle and Papillary. Check your neck.

T- Tattoo's. Man they are addicting! I have 5, which surprises many, and I have been antsy for more! 
1. tummy 2. ankle 3. tush 4. neck 5. foot 
All in that order. I think my next will be on the under side of my wrist. 

U- Universal Studios. I am going to do everything in my power to get my boys there for the Harry Potter part. It will be a special trip too, a walk down memory lane. I spent a fun filled day there with my Robert way back in the beginning of '98. 

V- Volunteer. Do it. (But also refer to N). I love to help at my kids school and for the Relay for Life which is an awesome fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. If you want to help, let me know! It's everywhere.

W- Weird. It's a compliment in our family. If you're not weird, you don't fit in.

X- X-stripper. Kidding! I can't think of anything for X.

Y- Yard Saler/Flea Marketer! Drool! I love to treasure hunt!

Z- Zzzzz. I am a HUGE napper. I can sleep anywhere any time. 

I did this as part of a challenge on a blogger group I am a part of, voiceBoks. It's harder then it seems (see X) ! I'd love to hear some of your ABC's!
Blogger friends, check out voiceBoks-

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Wegman's

Dear Wegman's,

I love you. I now know you love me because you made these.

I'm so glad you support my obsessive need of reusable grocery bags and provided me with a Halloween themed one. It's hard to find someone that can provide me strong and sturdy bags as you have for me. You stand so tall and pretty in the back of my van. After our weekly date, I love to gaze at the beauty of the bags lined up perfectly.

I know in the past you may have felt I was careless with your bags. I'm not, I just love them (and you) so much, that I share the love in other aspects of my day to day life. Your bags have carried treats to school, library books, extra clothes, needs to camping and the drive in. Your bags know no end.

I must confess, at times, I am a little embarrassed to carry such wonderful bags to other stores. I feel like I am hurting their feelings by not using THEIR reusable bags. I have tried to use others, but I end up bringing your little lovelies along and just refuse to make eye contact with the cashier when I hand them over.

I know it's something I need to work on for us.

Our relationship would be so perfect and joyous if you'd just do something about that damn boulder like flooring in the produce area. Must I feel like I am pushing a jack hammer when I first walk in. Honestly Weggy, at times, I feel assaulted.

I also feel like you lacked confidence when you built your deli section. Did you really think silly Weggy, that only 2 people would ever want to be in that area at a time?! My jack hammered heart sighs for you when I see the impassible wedge of an aisle you call the deli and cheese section. Have a little more faith in yourself! Go big or go home!

Since Christmas is coming up and I know you are already thinking of what you can do for me, I thought I give you a little hint. I had to turn in my Christmas themed reusable bags because of that silly lead recall. I wasn't planning on chewing on them, but that's besides the point.

I look forward to our date Sunday sweet Weggy.


Sometimes I feel like you are sending me mixed messages when I am trying to visit each of your aisles. I want to go left but you are angled for me to go right. What do you want from me Weggy?

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Little School Lunch Help

I don't know about you, but I swear it takes me about 45 minutes to pack lunches and snacks! I have no choice but to do it the day before because I am extra slow in the mornings. What drives me crazy is the amout of baggies I go threw in a day.

2 boys + 2 lunches + 2 snacks = 2 many baggies!

Joe especially needs a lot of things bagged because he has can't-open-packages-itis. The only thing I can figure is at some point in his very impressionable mind, I yelled at him for opening something and he developed this syndrome. For the boys school, and I'm sure most, they need to be able to open all their lunch items by themselves to help stop the spreading of germs and allergies. I get it. He's almost 9, he should be able to rip open that package and nom nom away. But the poor can't-itis stops him. And for those of you who know Joe, he's an eater. He doesn't have just a sandwich and a snack, I contemplate sending 2 lunch boxes at times. I dread the teen yrs with feeding that boy.

What I have this year...

Reusable Bags!

Why I didn't try this before, I have no idea. I wanted to add my own photos of the baggies, but I empty them and refill right away and stick it in their bag to be ready for the morning. The bags I got are these-

You get 3, all different sizes, for $12. 
The smallest is perfect for a snack. I've been using it to put Jake's afternoon snack and note (I write them a note for their snacks and lunches- their favorite is when I send a crayon and tic tac toe for them to do with a buddy). They all have a smooth lining and a Velcro close top. 
The middle size is the perfect size for a sandwich. I haven't used it yet for a sandwich because my kids like ham and salami and I'm afraid the salami stink and grease will force me to clean it better every day. By better I mean actually cleaning it. Because I have been putting cracker type snacks in these, my cleaning is really consisting of blowing it out...maybe tapping it out over the sink. 
The large is so cool, you could use it as the good ole brown bag! Put your snack in the smallest, sandwich in the middle size and toss them all in the largest one! This one so far has been my alternate. Between the 2 boys, 1 bag is going to inevitable be left in a desk or locker overnight. This is my go to back up. Some day I will have more so I can change out the styles and bag up more stuff!

After the first day of the boys using these, I asked them what they thought, how they worked for them. They both really liked them, Joe's can't-itis doesn't pertain to Velcro. Jake said everyone wanted to hold his. 

So it was a huge score in our house.

Check them out, she has a bunch of different fabrics. Maybe she'll do some holiday ones too! 

If you order some, I can hook you up with a discount code for 10% which is good until Sept 21 2011.
The code-

Yep, told you I'd hook you up.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have always been afraid to just toss my iPhone in my purse and I don't like the screen protectors because it feels too sticky to me. What's the point in having touch screen if when it's protected, it's more of a skip and hop screen.

Last week I started using a new case called a Cupcase. Super cute name right?! It's perfect for when I am heading out grocery shopping and running errands to slip it into this case and just toss it in my purse. It has a snap closed top so I don't have to worry about my phone falling out. The lining is satiny smooth, so no scratching there, and the whole case has a slight cushion to protect it while it's flopping around in my purse with my lip balms, planner, wallet, band-aid cases, snacks, gum and the random toy here and there.

The front of my Cupcase. Love it!

The snap close and satiny smooth inside.
The back.

The only problem I have found with my Cupcase, is my kids love it for their iPod touch. The photo of the snap closure, that's their iPod peeking out. Since their birthday's and Christmas are rolling towards us full speed, I think I know what I will get them, and at $9.99, it's a great deal!

They also have a leather wallet/case version and a cute iPad sock too.

Check them out-
Twitter- @cupcases

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

2 posts in one day? Crazy right? Well I wanted to share my Camping 101 and what's up this weekend, but I hate mish mashed posts. So here we are. Post #2.

Tomorrow is finally Joe's special school shopping day. We will have our work cut out for us for 2 reason. The first being it's a holiday weekend with great sales (hopefully), so we will be fighting the crowds. The second is Joe is so hard to buy clothes for!

He is a big kid, tall and solid. Trying to find tee shirts that are big enough for him that are still appropriate, is a challenge. Just because he needs a size 12, doesn't mean all the tee's in that size should have rude comments on them. To try and find a Harry Potter screen print shirt in his size, forget it. He needs clothes for the size of a teen but the sweet maturity of a 9 yr old. 

I want to crawl under a rock and hide until that part is done. The waist to leg ration in jeans is dumb. Plain and simple. If anyone ever wonders why Joe never has jeans on, it's because last yr he spent HOURS trying on jeans to try and find a pair that fit him. We found 1. Literally 1 pair. I don't mean 1 pair and we bought all they had in stock. I mean we bought the single solitary pair in the whole friggin mall that fit him. Barely fit him. Really, we are lucky he ever has pants on at all.

I have to stop, I am getting all fired up and it's not even his shopping trip yet.

Sunday we have a birthday party for a sweet 3 yr old then I am working all afternoon at the Relay For Life booth at the Clarence Labor Day Fair.

If you aren't involved in the Relay, get involved. It's to benefit the American Cancer Society. It's a fun event for everyone. This year it's being totally revamped and awesomed up. It used to be held at the Akron Central School football field and track, this year they are looking into a new home for it and is spreading out to Clarence.

What I love about the relay, besides it being so fun and awesome, is the American Cancer Society part of it. It doesn't just raise money for breast cancer research, it's for every thing. Between my parents and myself, we each had a different cancer. I feel in supporting the relay and the American Cancer Society I am honoring them, myself and helping to spare my kids, husband, brother, sister, niece, everyone from having the same scary call as the 3 of us had. 

Go to the fair, find the booth, see what you can do to help.

Camping 101

Blog! How I've missed you!! I have been "away on vacation". I use that term lightly because, thanks to Irene, our vacation turned into a staycation. We decided to go camping for a few days. Since we are the way we are, I, of course, have some tips and lessons to share with you that we learned the hard way.

1. Just because it's August, doesn't mean you can't see your breath at night. Bring winter clothes.

               Sunday night was so cold! The kids and I were surprisingly prepared only because I brought 1 warm 'just in case' outfit. Jake lucked out and actually had a winter hat with him because it went with his favorite shirt. Joe is always hot, so sleeping in the cold was like a treat for him. Robert and I had hoodies on and had them tight around our heads the whole night and I'm pretty sure my ears still got a little frost bite. Robert was the one who was the least prepared. He only had shorts with him. 

Jake on his way camping in his favorite outfit with matching winter cap

2. An air mattress can cause motion sickness. 
                   How you ask? Well when you fill it up during the day when it's nice out, doesn't mean it'll keep that same firmness once it turns frigid out! Wait to fill you mattress with air when it's closer to night time so you don't lose the oomph.

The following video shows you what I dealt with all night while buried deep in my hoodie and blanket. I either clung to the side and hoped for the best, or rode the wave and tried not to hurl.

3. After a night of not sleeping, when you look like a drunken sailor staggering to the bathrooms, do not try and flush the toilet with your foot. You will stumble and fall in.
                 I don't know why I thought I could do it. I trip standing still, but add in being sea sick from a half deflated mattress, that just adds up to no good. I'm not sure how I didn't end up head first in the toilet, I was flailing all over that stall. I felt I needed a shower after that stall wall, floor, ceiling, toilet encounter.

4. Touch the wood you buy from the side of the road to be sure it's dry. 
                 We saw a great deal, $5 per bucket of wood. Great! You get a bucket to haul it in, why not buy 2?! Well the wood shoved so tightly in the buckets were slightly damp, just enough that they were not the least bit interested in becoming fire wood. $8 at the camp general store for more wood, gets us a little fire for night #1. We set the other wood out to dry off for night #2. Our hobo pie night. I have my heart set on hobo pies. What's camping without the hobo's?! Well either buy dry wood or you will be resorted to stashing your hobo makers in your neighbors fire when they walk away.

I will do whatever it takes to get my hobo pies.

My favorite parts were-

Seeing Joe take Jake's hand to lead him a little farther into the deep end of the pool and even put his arm around him.

Joe swimming under water without holding his nose. Both swimming and not plugging the nose were a huge new leap for him.

Jake putting his WHOLE head under water.

What are your lessons to share when it comes to camping?