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2012 Challenge

January 1st
At home, headed up to bed

January 2nd
At home, top bunk. They were already tucked in, lights out before I remembered!
January 3rd
At home, bottom bunk. Totally forgot to take picture , remembered 9:30 pm!
January 4th
At home, living room. First photo taken not in pj's!
January 5th
At home, boys room. Right before bed, surprise, surprise! I did take a pic of them singing happy birthday to their Grammy for her birthday but it's on my camera because they were on my phone. I am horrible at dumping my camera in a timely manner.
January 6th
At home, boys room. Yep. Forgot again until they were in bed.
January 7th
At home, living room.
January 8th
At home, boys room.
January 9th
At home, kitchen. After school tornado at the kitchen table. 
January 10th
At home, living room. First photo remembered to be taken by Jake and early in the morning! Double whammy there! Eating breakfast before school. I swear when I looked at this after I took it, Joe's eyes were open. I want to use this as today's photo though because Jake was so proud!
January 11th
Outside drop off for morning bus.

January 12th
At home, kitchen table. Eating breakfast and doing last minute homework. Yes, I said last minute homework.
January 13th
At home, living room. Horsing around with Uncle Dougie.
January 14th
At home, my room. Getting ready to head to bed.
January 15th
At Wegman's. The best grocery store ever.
January 16th
At home, boys room. 
January 17th
In car, heading to school.
January 18th
At home, living room. Final morning prep before heading out for school and work.
January 19th
At home, living room. They planned this for their photo.
January 20th
At home, living room.
January 21st
At home, living room. Reading in comfy's. My favorite photo so far because it's 100% us.
January 22nd
At home, living room. Getting ready to leave for Joe's cooking class for scouts.
January 23rd
At home, kids room. Yet forgot again.
January 24th
At home, living room. Boys being silly.
January 25th
At home, boys room. Getting ready for bed.


  1. LOL! What did Rob do - fling Jake over Joe? That requires some mad talent!

  2. He did! It was so funny. Jake just mumbled~ What's happening to my bed?
    It would have been easier of Joe wasn't an edge of bed sleeper.