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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Takes A Village...

Oh you know the saying, it takes a village to raise a child, what happens when a community doesn't want to help raise the children?

We live in what we feel is an AMAZING community. We are always turning to our local area to eat, play and have awesome togetherness. The town is always having free or low cost family friendly events, from farmers markets to parades to a fun filled day in the park. The schools are the best. Amazing sports, arts, clubs, teachers, support. I honestly feel like I am sending my kids to a big extended family gathering for their education. Think Norman Rockwell meets 2013 and you have Clarence NY.

At least I hope you will still have Clarence NY.

Our picture perfect place was turned upside down when a big school budget wasn't passed recently. I'm not going to get into numbers, he said she said, there is enough of that out there already. I want to get into what this means for my family and the saying of-
It takes a village to raise a child...

The majority of the community that turned out in record numbers said NO.
NO to social workers
NO to guidance councilors
NO to music
NO to art
NO to sports
NO to half the clubs
NO to aides
NO to teachers

They said NO to helping raise our kids.

If these kids are now going to be raised in a community that told them NO, how quickly will they leave and say NO right back.

How quickly will they say NO to making the right choice, because who cares right? Drugs, alcohol, whatever...

What's going to happen to these kids now that they are losing the part of their education that makes them THEM. Sing your heart out? NO. Tap into your creative side? NO. Take care of your body and be active in a sport? NO. Be a part of a group of kids with the same talent or love as you? NO.

What's going to happen to the kids already struggling either at home or in school? They are going to go unnoticed because the teachers will have a larger class without an aide, with more work load because they will be picking up areas dropped because of these cuts.


What I see happening, is my Norman Rockwell world of Clarence NY is going to pull together even stronger and say I forgive you, now help us fix what you broke.

I see families coming together and forming new bonds.

I see our community getting prettier with ribbons of the school's colors, black and red, decorating trees.

I see our community coming up with out of the box ideas for tapping into kids creativity and lost passions and clubs.

I see the kids coming together to volunteer to clean up the schools during the summer or helping tutor a neighbor who struggled to finish the year.

I see groups forming to help buy school supplies for kids or help a struggling parent out with Christmas or birthdays or even just an ear to listen.

I see the community that I help raise and who helps me raise my kids, come together and say~

Just because you said NO, doesn't mean we did. We said YES and we will do everything in our power to make sure our kids childhood is a good solid one and still make Clarence proud.

It's ok to admit when you make a mistake in this town, because it's a family community. We forgive, we do what needs to be done to help fix it and we make a better bond as we do it.

I'm still proud to say I am a Clarence resident and I have complete faith in those around me in helping to raise our village again.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear Bloggy

Dear Bloggy,

I miss you! Do you miss me? I'm sorry I haven't been paying attention to you lately. Who am I kidding, we broke up for a while and I want us to get back together. I miss laughing at us, meaning me.
I promise to clean you up and update you real soon so we can get back to together again! It's not fun if you can't make have a good public laugh at yourself once in a while.

Forgive me?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tae Kwon Do, Please Don't

I think I've said it before, I'm not afraid to put myself out there for my kids. I'll make a fool of myself or take the blame for something smelly in a heart beat if it means them not getting that sad chest shaking shamefully embarrassed feeling.

I also try very hard not to be the one to cause that feeling in them. Will I pick them up in my pj's? Absolutely not. If I feel horrible and have not moved from the couch all day, in line at school, my hair is pulled back and I am standing tall and feverish in my jeans.

Let me paint the scene for you on my most recent 'make um proud' moment.

Jake recently joined Tae kwon Do as a trial member with 2 of his friends.

This past Saturday was bring a friend day. He was going to ask his neighbor friend if he wanted to go but he wasn't home. On the way out he was a little nervous about going to class on friend day without actually bringing a friend. I told him he has nothing to worry about because he has 2 built in friends at class already! How perfect! But, just in case they don't make it, and I knew for a fact that one was going, I promised to be his friend and take the class with him.

Sure enough his friend G shows up. I am off the hook! I not only was able to ease his fear of being singled out by showing my possible support, but G was there to bail me out!

Off they go into class and what happens...the teacher places them apart from each other not realizing they are each others friend.


I am in no way dressed for this. Not to even mention physically prepared! My outfit as a whole was nice, comfortable, stylish and fun. Break it down and it's a hot mess of inappropriate-ness! I had on "running pants" (not that I'd ever run in them), which are fine when covered up. Who wants to see my tush in tight joggers. A black tank top, again fine as long as it was covered. Pasty jigglies is so not in season. What brought my inappropriate-ness all together was my favorite WOOL over-sized cardi-sweater and chunky jewlery. No way was my sweater coming off. No way was my sweater meant to work out in.

While Jake is stretching, I am screaming in side F**K! WHAT TO DO! WHAT TO DO! It wasn't until they were done stretching and his teacher said to grab their friend that they brought as a partner that I started kicking my shoes off.

I knew he wasn't going to be brave enough to walk to the front of the class and grab G. In his mind, his teacher put him there, he needs to stay there. My plan was to go out and try and bring them together without causing too much disruption.

I march out in all my glory.

I get out to him....

me- Jake, come stand back here with me (he was on the very end of a line and I was in one all my own)
Jake- no
me- what do you mean no? I'm your partner like I promised.
Jake- this is my spot, you move up here.
me- (looking between him and Mr. SweatyHairyArms) no. you can come back here
me- debating on holding my head high and bailing on the kid. I was NOT going to be in a line all by myself. (Said line being the one closest to all the other adults sitting in the room watching the scene enfold.)

But we are both saved by the assistant who came over to give me a name tag. So now not only does a room full of strangers get to witness this, they will all know my name.

Like the child I felt I was being, I asked the assistant if Jake can stand by me and can he please tell him because he won't move.

Yeah, this is going awesome. I have already worked up a sweat in my WOOL sweater just by trying to convince my kid to stand next to me while do leg lunges.

Only 40 more minutes to go.

When we are given the ok to spread out and pair off, I start loud whispering to his friend 3 rows up.

me- G! Hey G! PSST! G! come 'er! G! Hey!

She either can't hear me or is choosing to not hear me so she doesn't have to be associated to the crazy women in the back row. She moves on and gets a partner.

I am forced to come to terms with it at this point. I am taking a full Tae Kwon Do class. I start flinging my jewelry off. Last thing I need is for my chunky ring to go flying off and nails Mr. SweatyHairyArms in the temple. I will also NOT be that mother exercising in the loud bounce necklace. I tried to make myself look like I fully intended to be there and participate all along.

The last half hour was full of me flinging my arms around trying to make it look like I am punching at the same time as doing a round house kick. Really I am trying to stay upright and wondering why in the hell they are teaching us how to round house kick when this is the first time I have stepped on this bare foot soaked mat! Shouldn't we start with the basics, like standing on one foot?!

Oh! And the HIYA! AGH! HIYA! The power yell was more of a thirsty pant for me. Water. I just needed water.

Towards the end we were told to sit down
lay with our feet pointing towards our partner
and do 10 sit ups.

When I was in high school I couldn't do real sit ups. I was the faker who put their feet high in the air and did crunches.

Yeah, I still faked it but with my feet on the ground. I went with the thought that if anyone glanced my way, it looked like I was just going down from the real sit up.

The 10 "sit ups" are over and guess what?

10 push ups.

I couldn't even do the fake ones in school.

I officially said F* It.

I rolled over and counted for Jake as he waved his tush in the air doing his fake push ups.

When the class was mercifully over and he got me out to the car I said...

Did I embarrass you out there?

Jake- hm no.

Me- really?! Did I make you proud?

Jake- yeah, a little.

A little is all I need to keep doing what I am willing to do for my boys.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snorting And Honking At Inappropriate Times

I'm a laugher of all things inappropriate and perfectly me. I will throw my head back and laugh loud and proud when caught off guard at the funniness. I will stop breathing and make no noise when it's REALLY REALLY funny.

I love to laugh at myself and I love to laugh at you. I was raised to not take myself to seriously. If you can't laugh at me or you, we are not meant to be. I feel bad for anyone who didn't have that lesson instilled in them. It's what makes the world fun!

The down side to my love of laughing, is I am a snorter and honker during the most inappropriate times.
I'm nervous- snort
I'm scared- laugh
I'm sad- laugh/snort
Quiet moment in a group setting- snort/honk

My mom would get so mad at me when I was little. She would be yelling at me for doing something I wasn't supposed to do and I would stand there and laugh. The madder she got, the harder I laughed. 
Did I think it was funny? Not in the least. Was I terrified and about to crap my pants watching her anger rise over my uncontrollable laughter? You bet ya.

As an adult I've tried to suppress my laughter at these types of uncalled for situations. My means of suppression has caused my OTHER form of laughing. Snorting and honking. The snorting and honking starts because the only way I can think of to stop the laughter, it so hold my breath and plug my nose. What results of this is snorting and spitting once I can't hold my breath any longer and honking while I try to bring it all back in again to plug my nose.  

If you hear those noises come out of me, it's because I feel I should NOT be laughing at that particular moment but have lost all control over myself.

And once I start, I can't stop. If anything it escalates. I have no problem pulling it together over something that is supposed to be laughed at. Something that's not supposed to have laughter even associated with it though, I find myself honking over it hours later!

What made me think of this to share with you? My honking episode last night. Let me take you there...

9:30 pm

me- AH! CRAP! I forgot to take the boys picture!!
Robert- Seriously? You just posted about this and you forgot already!
me- I know! Help me! I can not fail on day 3.
Robert- What do you want me to do?
me- (speaking like he's slow because how could he not have realized this was coming), Uh, get Jake out of his bed for me.

~for those of you who may not know this, the boys have bunk beds and Jake is on top~

Robert- No, just take their pictures separately. 
me- that's not the point! They need to be together!

This conversation went like this for about 5 minutes. Honestly, Robert didn't take much convincing that this was an awesome idea.

We head upstairs where I IMMEDIATELY start snorting. Robert comes in with a step stool and tells me to just get out. Why would I leave? I'm supposed to take a picture, that's the whole point of this!
The whole time I am pacing their room trying to stop the snorting and honking while Robert is struggling to get a sleeping 65 lb Jake out of the top bunk and into the bottom without waking him up while muttering under his breath the whole time about how he can't believe he is doing this. 

Joe did wake up and look at us and go back to sleep. That I think says a lot about our family. It doesn't faze Joe in the least to see his dad towering over him with Jake knotted up in blankets stuck half way between the 2 beds and his mom running around snorting. 

Because of how awesome my family is, which is proof again that you don't need New Years to have an amazing life, I got the photo and I did not fail in my challenge.

The photo is blurry because I was busy honking.
(which you can see under my 2012 Challenge Page)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions Or Not To Resolution

Happy New Year!!

It's that time of the year where people start talking about resolutions and how THIS year is going to be so amazing and different.

I don't buy it.

I gave up on making resolutions a long time ago for 1 reason.

1. they are always empty promises to myself

I don't need Dec 31st/January 1st to roll around to give me an invite to make my life the way I want it.

I don't think January 1st will magically make all my problems go away.

Your life is what you make of it 365 days a year. Thinking that a new year is going to give you a new life, is putting way to much pressure on yourself and you forget to enjoy what you have!

Screw the resolutions and 'this year will be better' chant and enjoy the day. Going with the flow just may make THIS year so amazing.

So no, I haven't made a new years resolution. I have though, given myself a challenge.
When you hear it you might think it's both sad and stupidly easy. It's neither. It's proof I love the life I live and time flies when you are having fun.

My challenge to myself...

Take a photo of my boys together everyday. No fancy editing needed, real camera not required. Cell phone approved.

Sometimes I do need reminding that everyday happenings need to be photographed and remembered just as much as the special moments.

What I have found is that on the 1st and the 2nd I have had an~ OH CRAP! THE PHOTO! moment as the kids were going to bed.

That's what makes this hard! Our day flies and I don't think to pause and snap.

So to see if I succeed in my challenge, take a peek at my 2012 Challenge page. See how perfectly simple my life is 365 days a year without New Years reminding me to do something about it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oral B & Crest Pro Party

I was recently lucky enough to win a party from MommyParties that was sponsored by Oral-B Stages and Crest Pro Health For Me.

I don't know what it is about getting new tooth brushes and tooth paste that makes everyone giddy. By everyone I mean my husband taking over the kids new toothpaste that they got with their goodie bags.
It's just flat out good!

So we started our day out with a pizza party then we all met up for movie night. Cars 2 and popcorn for us thanks to our party pack!

Before we started the movie, we played a healthy/not food game in 'pin the tail on the donkey' style. They had a blast sorting good and the not so good foods and pinning it on the HUGE mouth on the wall.

At the end of the evening the kids loved going through their goodie bags. They had everything you need for a healthy mouth. Awesome flossers, toothpaste, rinse, Cars gummy vitamins (one of Jake's personal favorites. He asks every morning for his vitamins) Everyone got coupons too so when their goodies run out, moms were ready!
The flossers that Hay's is checking out in the photo are the best! They come with a nice kid friendly handle and are a one time use and toss. Jake loves the Toy Story ones!

Checking out the rest of her stash.
This was pretty much everyone's reaction when they got their goodie bags! They didn't even have to visit the dentist to get a new free brush!
Cayden said 'wait! An action shot!' When I asked for a pose with his new rocking brush.

When asked what everyone's favorite thing was, I got a different answer each time. That's the best thing when it comes to kid friendly mouth care!
The bigger boys loved the rockin tooth brushes.
The girls the princess flossers and brushes.
The little guys the Car gummy vitamins, the Toy Story flossers and the mouth rinse.
Of course everyone loved Cars 2 and the games!

Check them out. This style really was a great hit for the bigger boys~
Whatever it takes to get excitement in the brushing and caring department...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Migrate Or Not To Migrate

I just read this blurb about different animals habit for migrating, Great Migrations: Wildebeest - Bing Travel:. I have always been fascinated with the solid plan animals seem to have.

Take birds flying in formation. How do they decide who leads first? Coin flip? Rock paper scissors? Whatever they do seems to work because I don't see any birds flapping around crying because it was his turn to go first.

With migration, how do they know the exact spot they need to go to each year and when to start? Do they pick up their calender at Target and mark the passing days off? Mark the trees with slashes? The article mentioned specific spots for the butterflies to go. What butterfly picked it and made it the head hang out for all butterfly generations? Do they even realize they are going there or do they wake up one day flying and wondering where the hell they are going? How do they know how to get there? I personally panic if I don't have a MapQuest printout for anything more then 15 miles away. It even said butterflies from point A to B go to one spot and the ones living between C and D go another. HOW DO THEY KNOW!? What happens to the rebels?

I need to sit in on a migration meeting and get pointers for my kids. Imagine a world of kids taking turns leading without a fight, getting to school in a calm orderly manner, knowing we need to head to the grocery store without being told.

Yeah, I can't imagine it either...

'via Blog this'

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Thankfuls

When thinking of things that I am thankful for, I realized that it goes hand in hand with the things I love. So here are some of my loves and thankfuls.

A~ ARTIFICIAL TREES I can put it up on Thanksgiving morning and not have to worry about getting pine needles stuck in my socks by mid December. 

B~ BOOKS and BLANKY Blanky gives Jake a level of love and support only a special Blanky can give. The same can be said with books for Joe and I. We fall deeply into them and crave more info on the ones we love. There is nothing better then seeing my kids want to get in cozy clothes and curl up with books they love.

C~ CELL PHONES I can not imagine raising a family without one! I panic if I forget it or the battery is low. I love being able to send a quick text for a random thought. I love that I am always ready for when I am needed.

D~ DOUGLAS One of my most favorite words in the world. My dad, my brother, my Jacob Douglas.

E~ EARLY BED TIMES Really, who isn't thankful for an early night of nothing once in a while.

F~FRIENDS and FAMILY I have the best in the world. I have friends that are like family and my family is also my very best friends. My 3 closest friends are wildly different but exactly the same. One just opens her arms when I walk in her home crying for random things my hormones make me cry over, one buys me the most yummy lip gloss because she knows I love to eat them, and the other is quiet and steady and has been since before I was married. They all have huge hearts, laugh at inappropriate things and are considered a part of our family. I would do anything for them and I know they would do anything for me.

G~ GIGGLES  I am thankful that you can laugh at me. I am thankful that I can laugh at you. I am thankful that we can laugh together.

H~ HEALTH My family and friends are all healthy! I hope everyone can say the same thing.

I~ INTERNET I can find random ideas I didn't know I couldn't live without.

J~ JAKE and JOE My boys. They are so awesome. I hope to be just like them when I grow up.

K~ KELLY I'm so thankful that I am me. I have the best time, the best family, the best friends.

L~ LIPSTICK/GLOSS Any flavor, as long as it's a flavor. None of that original garbage. I love the taste and since I am not a make up girl, I love the pretty kick it can give a bare face.

M~ MOM and MIDGETS If I had to pick, I'd pick the same mom over and over. I am the mom I am today because of her. She is always telling me how impressed she is of the mom I have become and so proud of the things we do as a family. I really don't think she realizes that I am just trying to give my kids the same childhood I had. The only thing she could have done differently was have a midget. Short and simple (pun intended) I love them. Just the sight of them brings me great joy, they should be very proud of that.

N~ NAPS I am thankful that I can nap any where, any time.

O~ OLIVE GARDEN The first time I went there was my first Valentines day with Robert. If it was socially acceptable I would lick the salad bowl when I was done.

P~ PEOPLE MAGAZINE It gives me the perfect mix of mindless gossip and real world happenings.

Q~ QTIPS I would go nuts without them.

R~ ROBERT aka DAN He makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

S~ SPONGE CANDY Really, do I even need to validate this? Maybe this should be SUGAR because I love maple sugar too.

T~ TIM HORTONS Medium Cafe Mocha or Candy Cane Hot Chocolate. Everything Bagel toasted with butter or Cheese Crouton (known as a croissant to the rest of the world)

U~ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I get it. I give it. Oddly enough my Robert just text me US for this letter.

V~ VAN I have no idea how we managed with a small Focus all those years. Joe can finally ride around without his chin on his knees.

W~ WEGMAN'S It's clean. It's store brand products taste good. It's close. It's reusable bags are my favorite. It watches my kids while I shop.

X~ XBOX Sometimes! When the kids are playing a game on the Kinect together. I like they can break a sweat in the winter playing a game that is more exercising then laying on the couch with a controller. Or when they want me to try out a game because I would be good at it because it requires flailing around in it.
I'm good at flailing.

Y~ YOU I love that you took time out of your day to read my blog.

Z~ ZIPPERS I really don't think they get as much praise as they deserve. Imagine if you had to button up your kids snow suits. Or if your jeans were buttons only. Not only would that be drafty, but if you are in a rush to get to the bathroom, you'd have to stand there and get all the buttons undone.

I am thankful that my life is not all serious and dull.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heely's For Me

Did you know that Heely's makes adult sizes?! I didn't either until they sent me a pair to review. If you are thinking, what are Heely's? You know, it's the shoes you see kids rolling around the stores in.

I don't know why, but when I see kids rolling around in stores I get irritated. Am I jealous? Maybe. Was the first thing that came to my mind when I got my shoes was, now I can skate my grocery shopping to make it faster? Possibly.

So when I picked my style out of many, I got a pair that the boys would like too. Joe and I are nearly the same size so I thought it would be a double bonus for us.

This is our pair~

This is the Edge style. See how they are perfect for a 9 yr old boy and an adult girl! They are really good looking shoes, super comfortable and a sleek and simple style. I think it's the perfect style for rolling and every day wear.

What I thought somehow is that the wheel, which is under the heel (hence the name Heely), you can see it peeking under my right shoe, folded in and out.
When I saw kids using them it seemed they went so seamlessly from walking to floating across the ground.
Well the wheels don't fold in and out, you take them on and off. The floating part, and the seamless transition, that's just lots of practice.

This is what the shoe looks like without the wheel.

This is what you want when you are planning on just walking in your shoes. Maybe running errands first then heading to the park to have a roll. Grab the handy tool they send to pop out the black cap and pop in the wheel and you are good to go.

That part is super easy. There is no doubt when the wheel is locked in because it makes a deep pop sound. The not so easy part is rolling and getting the wheel out. Robert even has a hard time getting the wheels out. I assume it's a good thing in a way, I don't want to be rolling around and my wheel fall out. I guess everything comes with practice. I suggest that until you are solid in getting the wheel out, bring another pair of shoes to change into if you want regular shoes afterwards.

So to go from walking to rolling it's supposed to be a simple as lifting the front of your feet and glide along. 
Like this~

What happens in my home, Robert practically carries us from point A to point B. The manual says to practice by holding counters and such until you get the hang of it. It also says if you feel yourself falling, just put your toes back down.
Well in my panic mode that kicks in when the feeling of falling is eminent, does not allow me to put my toes down. Probably because I am falling backwards and my toes are knee height at that point.

Again, practice is important.
And helmets.

After becoming a Heely owner, I have a whole new respect for the kids that make it seem so easy. 

What I love about our new Heely's~
~the style
~the durability
~the concept of a versatile activity shoe

What I don't love about our new Heely's~
~how hard it is to get the wheel out
~they didn't come with coordination

I will keep at it though. My goal is to be able to glide along with the kids on their bikes. Until then Robert will carry  guide me along in my helmet and elbow gaurds.

Check them out for yourselves. You will be pleasantly surprised at the different styles availble. And  Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special!! Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Whom It May Concern


To Whom It May Concern,

Please excuse Joe from fitness and/or gym today.He is unable to participate due to today being picture retakes.

While I understand the health benefits of running laps for 10 minutes, I think it's a great concept, however, shelling out $30 for the smallest package of mediocre photos is a high concern for me today.

In anticipation of a lack of mid day grooming he would need for a post workout photo shoot, I felt it necessary to take the steps to avoiding the situation all together.

I have attached my proof of why retakes is  necessary for us today so you can see for yourself on why a sit out is needed today.

First I'd like to show you an example of what Joe would have looked when I sent him to school.

Notice how his hair is straight, his shirt on proper? Also take note of his even complexion. This is a perfect example of Joe in the morning. Before fitness/gym.

This is Joe after fitness/gym...

The sweaty hair clumps, the hanging off the shoulder shirt, and while hard to tell in the cell phone shot, the red face. I can all but smell the sweat that is still on that poor boys temples. Is that steam still lingering on his glasses?

I'm sure you can see why I am reluctant to pay $30 for this photo and why I am taking such drastic measures today so as not to have this happen again.

I say next year, have a fitness/gym day off on picture day. There's no need when fancy clothes and pretty hair is all the rage that day.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Stocking Stuffer

So it's that time of the year again that I am always on the look out for that something awesome for everyone on my good list. In my hunt I found these~

They are funky "YOUsb"cables, usb cables wrapped in cool skins!

There are tons of styles to choose from, there is absolutely one fitting for everyone on the good list!

As soon as I opened the pack, Jake claimed the green one. Once they were all claimed, at first glance we knew what and who it was for.
Jake uses his for his iPod, I have one at work for my iPhone, one at the computer at home for a back up charger and another just for our Nook.

When I asked my mom is she wanted one, her high OOHH! Yeah! told me this is a great idea for everyone! Every style in my pack is right up my alley.

When I first got the cables, they were kind of stiff and in a U shape, which is fitting since they are YOUsb cables. A quick blow out with my hair dryer and I was able to bend it into any shape I wanted. I have been told that they loosen up over time too.
But for now, the hair dryer, or a hot car, work perfect for me. Honestly, the way they are straight out of the package works just fine too.

The pack that I got, the photo above, is the Travlers gift set that sells for $44.95. You can also get them by the cable for $11.99. There is an Apple adapter for $4.99 and every order is free shipping.

Check out all the different styles they have here~!/yousbcables

I love the candy striped one for this time of the year!

They are just cool and I am a real sucker for anything Christmas.

Sweet Natural Soaps

Don't you love when the season changes and with it your hand soap scents? I am guilty of using my soaps as a quick perfume pick me up. Maybe guilt isn't the right word. Why feel guilty washing my hands with an amazing smelling soap knowing at the end, I'll smell awesome too.

I tried 4 soaps from Sweet Natuarl Soaps.

~Hot Chocolate
Oh. My. Gosh. I want to eat the soap. I want to lick my hands. I want to carry this bar in my pocket so I can smell it whenever I want to. It smells exactly as it's name. Hot Chocolate!

~Beautiful Love
This is a nice one for spring time. It's a pretty pink bar that smells like pretty pink flowers.

~Buzz Off
The first thing that came to my mind when I used this one was candy canes. It has peppermint oil in it and it's perfect to get me in the holiday spirit.

OOOhhhhh........use it the same time as the Hot Chocolate bar! What could be more perfect for the holiday season then hot chocolate and candy canes!

I bet you're wondering what's the connection between candy canes and the name Buzz Off. I've learned that bees don't like peppermint oil! It's a natural repellent. So it is a good one for the summer time too!

~Fresh Clean
This one is so cool. It has actual oats in it to help exfoliate. Don't believe me...
You can even see them! This one has a nice tangy scent to it too.

I've had so much fun changing up my scents with these bars. They are just a nice, clean, pretty addition to my hand perfumes!

Sweet Natural Soaps as a ton of other scents too. I think my next must have's are the cupcakes, birthday cakes and ice cream cones!

But if they are as good as the ones I already have, I really may try eating them.

Review~Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

I love the smell of vanilla. I honestly don't think it's possible not too. It's just simple and perfect.
I was sent a bottle of Nielsen-Massey's Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract,, to use and I was not disappointed in the least.

First I should tell you I have a weak spot for cool antiques and wanna be's. So when I opened the package and saw this beauty staring back at me~

I was smitten. It's just cool! I proudly displayed it on our window sill to wait to be used. By Robert. I like to dreamily think of myself as a mommy do it all. You know, covered in flower with a pie cooling on the window sill while I've had dinner going in the oven since 4. Well, I am a burner and poor ingredient estimater. It makes me a solid in the cooking department, but baking...not so much.

So my handsome bottle made me proud as a decoration until Robert was ready to hook us up with cookies and pies!

I sniffed the bottle while he slaved away, I also am good at licking the spoon.

Oh, it was so good.I wasn't really surprised either because I had high hopes for the extract. Mine is the Madagascar Boubon Pure Vanilla Extract and no it doesn't have any whiskey in it. The Bourbon is referring to the Bourbon Islands off of Africa. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas pride themselves in having the finest extracts. They are even allergen and gluten free.

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla's has all kinds of powders, sugars, pastes, beans and of course extract. Coffee, chocolate, almond and peppermint just to name a few.

I need the whole line for my window sill and Robert needs them to make more amazing treats for the family.

'Tis the season! Check them out to make your holiday baking AMAZING!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Santa...

How are you?! Have you been on vacation all year? Where did you go? I hope you tossed those skimpy swim trunks. I've seen the photos and it's not pretty. You should know better.

Are you home yet? I hope you have your working cap on now and your sweet lil midgets elves are hard at work. 'Tis the season Santa. 'Tis the season.

I was hoping to run into you at the mall. Joe has some serious high hopes this year. As you know, I have been in panic mode because his birthday is about 2 1/2 week before your big working day and Jake's 10 days before.

And no silly Santie, I have NOT started my shopping yet.
Yes this makes my chest quiver in fear. Why do you think I am writing you instead of hoping for a run in?!

Here's the thing Santa. The kid wants a hot tub. Yep, I said a hot tub. You haven't heard this one yet have you? I don't think it's been among the things he has yelled to you in the van in hopes you were listening.

I really wish you wouldn't have let it slip you see them when they are awake. I get it, it's to help me with their behavior, but it's a running shopping list that comes out of their mouths when they think of you!

So about that hot tub, while you are at it, here are the other impossibles on his list I need you to hook him up with. I think it would be wise to have a midget elf work specifically on them.
~Buffet Bar (really, are you even surprised at that Santie? I'm surprised it took this long for him to ask)
~REAL R2-D2 (now you see why he needs his own helper assigned to him)
~his own room

These are just a few the make me want to hide until January. Who knows what else he has whispered your way that I have not heard!? You better be taking notes. I don't want to have to speak to the Mrs. about you again.

So let me know if you need to do a drop off before the big day. I need to have my big guy work on cleaning out the garage if this is the case.

I'll get with you later about Jake. I just wanted to be sure you had a solid plan worked out for Joe.

Thanks Santa!

Love always,

What are you going to be for Halloween?

How many times do I have to ask for you to leave behind a midget elf for me before you realize I am serious? I'm not picky. Someone has to be retiring this year. Leave them behind under my tree. Please. If you leave me a retiree that still wants to work, they can run that buffet you are working on. Right? You're all over this list right?


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movin' On Up

So I caved. I now have a Twitter account.
Well sweet bloggy has an account.

Bloggy loves follower friends.

Find us @amomwingingit

Did you also know bloggy has a Facebook page?

Tell me what you want to see from me!? More giveaways? Reviews? Ideas? Funny stories of my world?

We aim to please.

Thank you to all my lovely readers/followers!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Harry Potter In The House!

Did I ever tell you that Harry Potter lives here? No? Most of the time he goes by the name of Joe or Joseph. When he is Harry, we fondly call him Joey Potter (read in a British accent).

So of course with Halloween a hop skip and a jump away, what does my Joe want to be...
Harry Potter.

I found the perfect Harry Potter robe online at Wholesale Costume Club, I must admit, I may have squealed like a little girl when I saw it for 2 reasons.
1. It's a deluxe robe
2. The cost. Did I mention it's Deluxe?

I will also admit that we both squealed like little girls when we got it.

Joe getting his robe in the mail

I apologize for the poor photo quality, I was too excited to go and grab the big guy.

Honestly I was expecting a felt robe as being a "deluxe" robe as opposed to the practically sheer nylon/polyester blend most costumes are made of.

What we got, was BEYOND my expectations. It's literally a robe. Joe wears it as a bathrobe since Halloween is still a few weeks out. It's thick. It's plush. Joe will end up out growing this robe before it gives up. I don't have the slightest worry that it'll start pulling apart at the seams or running.This thing it solid.

I mean it even has a hood! This kid is set if we have the standard chance of snow NY Halloween.

The size was spot on too. I am always nervous to buy online, especially for Joe. I ordered him the large. The size chart said it's a 12-14 or about ages 8-10. Joe is about the size of a 10 yr old. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best because L was a big as it got for that item.

It fit's him like it was made for him. Which it was of course because he's Harry Potter/Joey Potter.

See. Told ya.

The Wholesale Costume Club even has all the accessories! Ties, brooms, owls, hats, glasses, wands, other characters and robes!

Now I just have to wait for Jake to figure out what he wants to be so I can get ordering. He's thinking vampire, Thor, Iron Man, Mario, ninja and a blur of other ideas. Thankfully I already peeked and they have them all, so we are good to order as soon as he settles. The only thing he knows for sure, is he wants to have a mustache.

Wholesale Costume Club also sent me this link regarding Halloween, It's all about how to have fun and be safe with your little ones on Halloween.

What is your lil goblin going to be this year?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Five Finger Tee's

In my quest to find things awesome, I found Five Finger Tees, Five Finger Tee's is the type of site that has THE tee shirt you are looking for. I started from the top of the category list and worked my way down, making my own gotta have it list as I went.

My list had~

Really, this post would go on forever if I listed everything I ear marked. I narrowed my list down to 2. For those of you who know me in the 'real' world, I'm sure you can figure out right away what one of them was.

Yep! The midget shirt. It was literally SCREAMING my name! KELLY! KELLY! CAN YOU HEAR ME! PICK ME!

I thought to myself, Self~ That is a rockin midge shirt!

But I was torn. I was torn between my love of short stacks and impressing my Joe with this~
Joe lives and breathes Harry Potter. Joe IS Harry Potter. Last month when ordering his new glasses, he ordered a Harry pair. That is dedicated love.

Do I get my shirt, or a shirt that will make my boy smile.

Really, it ended up not being that hard of a choice. At the end of the day, its what my kids think of me that matters. If Joe thinks I am the most amazingly awesome mom for even a minute, it's worth it.

As soon as my shirt arrived I put it on and just stood in the door way from the kitchen to the living room where he was. It took a simple glance for him to notice.

My joy of seeing his reaction quickly turned to concern because I was afraid he'd pass out from not breathing between his excitement and questions.

Five Finger Tee's hooked me up as the most awesome Hogwarts supporting mom out there.

I love it, when I have it.

Joe stole it and wears it on weekends and to bed. He rocks it the best he can in a shirt too big for him. I like to think he is reminded of my awesomeness every time he puts it on.

Hopefully he has heard me wistfully talking about my other wanna have it shirt,
and hooks ME up for Christmas.

This site has my brothers name written all over it. I can just hear him laughing at some of their shirts. He needs to start a gotta have it list. Between the cost of the shirts, the quality and quick delivery, I'd be more then happy hooking him up!

What's your favorite one?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bottlehood Review and Giveaway ***CLOSED***

I love, Love, LOVE my new juice glasses from Bottlehood,

Looks like root beer glass bottles right? Because they are! Bottlehood is all about recycling wine, beer, pop and liquor bottles to make a new cool reusable product.

This day and age, who doesn't love eco-friendly products!?  I personally have a soft spot for re-purposed items like these glasses.

Did you know that discarded glass takes more then 4,000 yrs to decompose? 4,000! That's insane. I didn't know this either until I was introduced to Bottlehood by the owner, Rachel Cohen. Not only can you get super cool glasses, but you have the peace of mind that bottle isn't hanging out in a landfill for the next 4,000 yrs. 

I was expecting thin and fragile glasses that were not the nicest feeling on the lips to drink from. I thought for sure these would just sit on my counter as decoration. 
I was pleasantly surprised, not only are they hardy glasses, but you would never guess the top was ever cut to make the glass as it is. The edge is nice and smooth and I don't feel like I am holding something that will shatter easily. With 2 boys, that's a good thing!

They actually remind me of the little brown glasses my mom would set out for orange juice every morning. They are a perfect size for a meal time drink.

Honestly, I was a little torn on using them, or having them as decoration because they fit my kitchen decor to a T. But Bottlehood doesn't just make juice glasses from old bottles, they make candle holders and vases, jewlery and even light fixtures.

I decided my IBC Root Beer glasses could go in the cupboard because I can get these for my kitchen instead~

Juice Glasses


Ok, so that last one was for me, not the kitchen.
Rachel Cohen wants to share her juice glasses with you too! Awesome, right?!
It's so easy, the more you do, the more entries you get! Click Read More to get started. Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toddlers & Tiara's

I admit, I have to watch this show. It's almost too bizarre not too. I have to stare and marvel at the parents thought process, or lack of. My boys will even ask if I have any on dvr.

I used it first as a learning lesson. Example- If you keep treating your brother like that I will wax your eyebrows.
Only after a few moaning and groaning about watching it, did they quickly become open mouthed shocked zombies like me staring in horror and shock at the show. 

There are plenty of funny moments too, usually at the mothers expense in our home. It really shines a brilliant light upon me and my awesomeness when we see the crazies on the show.

Oh my gosh! The amount of money the parents put into this! It's just crazy. They are spending THOUSANDS of dollars for a chance to win a couple hundred. Yep. Makes total sense to me too.

I know TLC has gotten a lot of bad press for creating the show. I think what they are doing could, in the end, help people. I know if I saw myself on tv with all my crazy outtakes panned together, I'd take a step back and think twice about what I was doing. If I saw my child's interview saying they want to take a break from pageants, I'd listen.
They aren't creating it, they are just filming it to show you how crazy you are.

But then again, I'd never be dumb enough to spend that much money, fake my daughter/son up and parade him/her on a flimsy stage for a chance at $500. I'd take the $4000 we spent, buy them a crown, since that seems to be all they want, and invest the rest in the real world. Their education. But that's just crazy me.

Imagine my delight when I saw this video last week.

It's Leah Remini and Ashley Tisdale as a 'where are they now' of a mom and daughter duo from the show.
It has to be one of the most spot on mockeries I have ever seen.

Ashley Tisdale, amazing. We laugh so hard over her ney ney issues.
Leah Remini, how she kept a straight face, I have no idea. I'd love to know how many takes they had to do. Her expressions are priceless.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Ayurvedic Neem Balm Giveaway By Auromere ***CLOSED***

I have had the opportunity to try out Ayurvedic Neem Balm by Auromere, You have no idea what it is do you? It's a thick balm, think chapstick/beeswax, which it just so happens to have beeswax in it, for trouble skin areas.

It's anti everything!

In India the neem tree is known as the "village pharmacy". It's been used in treatment of skin diseases and inflammation. Add to that it has amla in it which is the richest natural source of vitamn C. It soothes sun burns and helps keep skin supple. The mango ginger oil, helps protect against wrinkles and treats acne. Sandalwood oil hooks you up with a great deal of the ANTI. Olive oil nourishes and the beeswax forms the protective barrier to hold it all together.

It's just a great thing to have in your medicine cabinet. I put it on my elbows at night because they are the most troublesome for me. The smell of the balm isn't for perfume purposes, its has a definite natural smell to it. You won't confuse it with your travel size bottles of vanilla bean. It's here for a purpose and it does that purpose right! It doesn't leave my elbows greasy or sticky. I put it on, it does it's magic and I sleep!

I know with winter right around the corner, our neem balm will come in handy for the harsh cold. I'm hoping there will be no dry, cracked hands in our house this winter!

While you're checking them out,, take a peek at their other products. Like hair care, oils, soaps and dental care. One of the coolest things about the company it it's owned and operated by residents and volunteers of a non- profit Integral Yoga community. Proceeds from Auromere not only helps support the community, but donations are made to schools!

Below is your chance to try this awesome little find for yourselves! Contest starts tomorrow, 10/4!
Congrats Shelle on winning your own jar of neem balm! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tooth Soap

Yep. I said Tooth Soap. I was recently introduced to Tooth Soap, I honestly didn't know what to expect while waiting for my bottle. Would it be grimy? Do I put it on and wipe it off?

When I finally got it, along with a Tooth Brightener, I was relieved it was to be used just the same as tooth paste. The Tooth Soap is natural and organic. I can pronounce every ingredient, organic evoo, organic coconut oil, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, spring water and pure essential oil.

All you do is put a pea size about of the gel on your tooth brush, and brush away!

I have the peppermint flavor. It's not the best tasting thing in the world, rinse good. BUT my teeth feel AMAZING when I'm done brushing. It's not the least bit grimy either.

To go along with the Tooth Soap, I've been using a Tooth Brightener. It's so easy, brush it on like regular 2 times a week. This too is organic and natural.

I have been very pleased with the results of both the soap and the brightener. Add to the fact that it's organic, you can't go wrong!

Check them out, they have a ton of flavors and a bunch of other natural and organic products to choose from.-!/toothsoap

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Horizon's Survival Kit Giveaway ***CLOSED!***

Horizon Organic recently sent me an AMAZING back to school mom survival kit. The kit was to help me relax with all the added stress back to school brings. What to back for lunch, don't forget snack, is there a test today, when is that fundraiser $ due. This year Horizon is helping take that stress off by pampering me and giving me healthy snack ideas!

I know you are wondering what was in my kit, which you have a great chance of winning one yourself if you enter below.
It had bubble bath, chocolate, a candle and aromatherapy lotion. Did you stop reading at chocolate? 

 Horizon paired up with Dr. Alan Greene M.C., F.A.A.P., a noted pediatrician, author and nationally-recognized expert in organic nutrition to develope,“Top 10 Best Back to School Foods List”.   The list includes recommendations of foods for healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks for back to school. 

What I love most about the list, it doesn't just tell me what's good to send as a snack or for lunch, but how to make it tasty and appealing to my boys. Of course Horizon's Organic Chocolate Milk, in the single serve boxes. Or adding hummus to a sandwich instead of mayo or sending it as a dip to veggies. Did you know too that the darker the veggie, the more nutritious it tends to be? I didn't until I read the list.

 They also have an online community “Healthy Families Back to School” , it's where we can get more tips and ideas for the kids being back in school. Like organizing your world, coupons and meal ideas.

I have found some really awesome blogs to follow from their community too. Seriously, the ideas and recipes are endless. 

 Check out “Horizon’s Toolbox for Mom”, their Facebook application on Horizon’s Facebook page, it has news, deals and advice. 

So if you need a little mommy, or daddy, pick me up papering time, enter Horizon's Back To School Survival Kit giveaway below!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updated Photo Tabs

I finally got a chance to update a few of my photo tabs. Take a peek inside these wonderful families worlds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The tabs can be found on the right side of the blog. They are labeled as How I See It. Life and I Do Part 3 have been updated.


To Lock Or Not To Lock

One of the most dreaded things for me while out and about is the public bathroom. First simply because it's gross. We've all been there, I don't need to back up my statement. My big dread though, is the peek.

Yes, the peek. It can happen a few ways. Like the door hinge causes a 3 inch gap and the new comer can't help but make eye contact while looking for an open stall. A faulty lock is by far the worst contender.

A faulty lock gives you a false sense of security until you get the new comer who likes to test the doors to see if they are locked or not. That would be fine, IF all locks were as reliable as they bill themselves out to be.

I usually have my foot ready to slam the door shut for these occasions. If a finger gets caught, so be it. 

I can actually pin point the exact moment toilet locks/peekers became an issue with me. 

I was either in 1st or 2nd grade, my one girlfriend has a scary good memory and could probably not only tell you what grade, but what we were wearing on this day in history. 
We had a single bathroom in the class without a lock. If the door was shut, it was in use. Simple right? If you still can't remember if closed means it's free or not, knock. If someone answers, I'm pretty sure it's a good indication, the toilet is occupied.

Well, Christopher S did not understand those simple instructions. I'm in there, door is shut. There is a knock, I say SOMEONE'S IN HERE! I was not shy at letting people know the room is mine for a minute or 2. There is another knock. I SAID SOMEONE'S IN-
the door opens.

That little tool opened the door and laughed.

I wish I had my foot ready then. It would have been totally worth a trip to the principals office.

So ever since then, public bathrooms cause a little lock anxiety for me. Not only for their lack of working, but working too well.

As a grown adult, mother of 2, I Kelly Clinard, have been stuck- NO- held hostage in the bathroom by a lock.

Not once. Nope. twice. 

The first time it happened was a few years ago at my moms. The perfect place really to have my first hostage situation. 
I had had surgery on my neck a few weeks before and I had lost my voice. Her bathroom was recently redone and the new door handle had a stiff lock. 

You can see where this is going right?

Yep. I couldn't get the friggin lock to turn. I tried yelling for help. Have you ever tried yelling without a voice? It made me laugh. Hard. When I laugh hard in a normal situation, as in full voice and not stuck, I can't breath or speak. Needless to say, no one came running to my rescue. 

I tried everything. I even tried using my shirt as a grip and that didn't work. Just as I was coming around to the idea of spending Christmas in the pooper, I tried one more time and it turned easy peasy. 

When I came into the living room, still laughing and not making a sound, they all looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to charade to them what happened, and just gave up. I'm pretty sure they didn't even realize I was missing.

This past weekend I was at my oldest friends wedding, the same one with the freakishly good memory. 
~I'd like to send a shout out to my midget table friends! Keep it short girls!~

I kept hearing bathroom talk. The locks weren't working. People had visitors they didn't invite. You get the idea. My lock/peek anxiety was on HIGH alert.

I waited until I absolutely had to go. I contemplated the bushes but it was dark out and my balance isn't stellar.
I was relieved to find a line. That, to me, meant no peekers. Everyone knows the room is taken, the line screams wait your turn!
Still, when I got in knowing there was a line and the lock didn't work, I still turned it.

I have to say, once I turned around and surveyed my private lair of 2 minutes, I was thankful for taking the extra step of locking the door. The toilet, was up on a platform. Never before have I seen such a thing. If a peeker were to make their way to my room, I would be up on stage for all to see. My KNEES would be eye level.

It's just not right.

I power peed like I never power peed before.

My blood pressure eased as I washed my hands and turned to leave.


I couldn't open the friggin lock! Oh it turned just fine, up, down, sideways, but did it accept it's new position? Nope.

Son of a.....

I shook it, turned it, hit it and pleaded with it for a good 2 minutes. By the time I got it unlocked and flung the door open, there was a girl standing in front of it starring wide eyed, mouth hanging open with a look of horror on her face.

I, very calmly with sweat dripping from my face, I said THE LOCK WAS STUCK! I WAS STUCK! 
She said, very pathetically, Yeah, I saw that.
Poor girl- I, I won't.


So now you can see why I have trouble deciding do I lock it and hope I am not held hostage, or unlock and hope there are no peekers.

I am still nervous every time I use my mom's bathroom. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eco Lips Review and Giveaway ***CLOSED***

I LOVE LIP BALMS. As you many of you know this from my previous post, A Mom Just Winging It: Lickin The Lip Balms , I am a wearer and a licker. I have passed this down to my youngest as well.

We, Jake and I, recently tried a few of Eco Lips balms, , and they not only rank high in our books as great lip balms, but as their lickability too.

This is our Eco Lips stash-

This was my tinted pick. I am not a make up wearer, so when I need a kick to my look, I always go for tinted lip balms and add some gloss to it. This particular color was not to bold, it added just the right amount of sparkle and color to a bare face.It wasn't cakey and sticker either.

The Renew balm is my favorite. I love everything about it. The size, it's larger then your average stick, so I can feel it in my pocket and don't wash it! The smell, AMAZING! It's Orange Spice. The name says it all. The feel, smooth and perfect. The taste, again...Orange Spice! I took this camping with us. I am brand new to allergies and I was hit hard when we were out. This was a face saver. The spicy smell made me breath a little easier and the balm made my lips feel fresh and moist from being a stuffy mouth breather!

This is Jake's. The second he put it on, he licked it and grinned. How could you go wrong? He loves grapes and lip balms! Seriously, the description for this says it all...
A lip balm as grape-y as a popsicle, 100% edible, USDA Certified Organic."

This one Jake was also really excited about because it came with an Eco Clip.

With the clip he was able to put it on his backpack and he rotates between the Eco Gold and the Goodness Grapeness.

One of the coolest things about Eco Lips products, they are organic! Our stash isn't all they have to offeeither, they have pages and pages on line of different types of balms, tinted, kid, classic, spf, specialy, cause geared and a ton more They also have a bunch of different clips and holders.
Check them out~

Loving it right? Eco Lips is hosting a giveaway of their Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip! GO! ENTER! Good luck!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ioion Watch

First, I think it's very important for you to know that I am not a watch fan. I find them constrictive and uncomfortable. I hate the pinch from the strap and how stiff it it. I've tried elastic band and they cut off my circulation and leave insane dents in my wrist. I've just never met one I couldn't live without.

Until I met Ioion.

My sweet Ioion is my wrists bff.

This picture doesn't even begin to do sweet Ionion justice.

I didn't think this relationship would go well due to my past with watches and the color white. It's still as white as the first day we met. I have worn Ioion everyday for the past month except for maybe 2 or 3 days when I forgot. And let me tell you, when I go to work and realize I forgot Ioion, I feel let down.

My Ioion watch is the Plasma style. She comes in so may different colors, that eeny meeny miny moe, could quite possibly be the only way to choose just one.

The Ioion Plasma is a cuff style watch made out of something amazing that's like rubber silk. I thought for sure it was going to be irritating when I got hot or be clingy.
It's not. I think the only irritating thing about my Ioion Plasma is I can't stop petting it. It really is soft.

There is a flat spot on the cuff of the watch that lays right at my wrist's pulse point, so when it's touching my desk, it doesn't dig into it and make weird red marks. It's slip on, not tight and not so loose that you have to flip it around to see what time it is.

Half the time I don't even realize it's on, that's how I can forget Ioion sometimes, because it's so comfortable.

Ioion Plasma is just flat out a super cool watch. This is coming from a watch hater.

Plasma isn't their only style either if you don't like the chunky style. They have a few thinner banded ones like the Plasma and some good old fashion belt like bands.

My personal fav it the Plasma. I can't decide if I want this one next

or this one

 or maybe this one

Told ya eeny meeny miny moe was the way to go for Ioion Palsma's!
Check them out and get your own, you won't regret it!

Hey Dude

 I don't even know where to begin to list my favorites with these shoes by Hey Dude, .

They are the Moka style in white.
I kid you not the second I stepped into them I said they felt like slippers. While putting the packaging mess away, I found a card that was in the box that says "The function of sneakers combined with the comfort of slippers!" I swear too you, I did not know that was part of the shoes appeal. I just thought they were cool shoes.
They have a cool boat shoe/loafer feel to them. They weigh absolutely nothing but feel amazing.

From the very beginning I wore them all day everyday and my feet felt amazing. There was no get to know you, uncomfortable breaking in period. They were absolutely perfect from the start. My very first full day with them I was on my feet all day running between soccer games, a family photo shoot and a night out with the hubs. I was still starry eyed in love with them at the end of the night because my feet felt great.

The only bad thing I have to say about the Moka, and it's not the Moka's fault at all, is the pin it came with, you can see it in the bottom photo, fell off one day when I was crawling around on the ground outside. I thought it was such a cute touch and just really bummed when I lost it.

I'll have to find another cool pin to replace it.

Check them out, they even have men's shoes. EVERYONE needs a pair of these shoes. They are not a want, they are a NEED.

Santa, if you're reading this...

I'm sure you know what do with that link.