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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Wegman's

Dear Wegman's,

I love you. I now know you love me because you made these.

I'm so glad you support my obsessive need of reusable grocery bags and provided me with a Halloween themed one. It's hard to find someone that can provide me strong and sturdy bags as you have for me. You stand so tall and pretty in the back of my van. After our weekly date, I love to gaze at the beauty of the bags lined up perfectly.

I know in the past you may have felt I was careless with your bags. I'm not, I just love them (and you) so much, that I share the love in other aspects of my day to day life. Your bags have carried treats to school, library books, extra clothes, needs to camping and the drive in. Your bags know no end.

I must confess, at times, I am a little embarrassed to carry such wonderful bags to other stores. I feel like I am hurting their feelings by not using THEIR reusable bags. I have tried to use others, but I end up bringing your little lovelies along and just refuse to make eye contact with the cashier when I hand them over.

I know it's something I need to work on for us.

Our relationship would be so perfect and joyous if you'd just do something about that damn boulder like flooring in the produce area. Must I feel like I am pushing a jack hammer when I first walk in. Honestly Weggy, at times, I feel assaulted.

I also feel like you lacked confidence when you built your deli section. Did you really think silly Weggy, that only 2 people would ever want to be in that area at a time?! My jack hammered heart sighs for you when I see the impassible wedge of an aisle you call the deli and cheese section. Have a little more faith in yourself! Go big or go home!

Since Christmas is coming up and I know you are already thinking of what you can do for me, I thought I give you a little hint. I had to turn in my Christmas themed reusable bags because of that silly lead recall. I wasn't planning on chewing on them, but that's besides the point.

I look forward to our date Sunday sweet Weggy.


Sometimes I feel like you are sending me mixed messages when I am trying to visit each of your aisles. I want to go left but you are angled for me to go right. What do you want from me Weggy?


  1. Those are so cute! I really wish we had a Wegmans. We were supposed to get one, but they gave us a Giant instead. NOT the same thing. Grrr.

    I'm visiting from vB!

  2. Haha, I too feel the same way about Wegmans... but since I only get to shop there once in a Blue Moon when I'm "home" I can overlook the negatives a lot easier! I'm just too excited to get one of those cool Halloween bags! My daughter was sitting next to me when I opened this blog and saw the picture... She said "I want one!" Guess we will be hitting up good 'ol Weggy's when we come in next week :)
    PS: Are you attending Danelle's wedding? If so, see you there!

  3. Nikki, Giant doesn't even sound as awesome as Wegmans! Do they have good bags though? That can make a HUGE difference!

    Kristen, heck yea! Not only am I attending, I am the photographer! Super excited! I bailed on her bach party so I could finish up all the editing I had left so I have a clean slate come next Fri. See you soon!!

  4. New follower from the Buzz! I hope you stop by and return the favor.


  5. Milena, Thank you! Thank you! That was fast! Gotta love the power of blogger groups. Heading your way now.

  6. New follower from the Buzz.

    Good Luck with your blog.


  7. Thanks Amber, heading your way now!

  8. Cool bag! I'm a new follower =)

    Sandie lee

  9. Thanks Sandie Lee, heading your way next!

  10. This was so clever and funny...great job! We don't have Wegman's, but I think our Trader Joe's is similar. Thanks so much for coming by Mommy LaDy Club and for your lovely comment:) Your follower button is down, but I'll be back and try refreshing;)

  11. Thanks Courtney!
    Oddly enough, every blog I've followed today, I had to refresh. Weird.
    Trader Joes! I love that store! My brother lives just outside Charlotte NC and I've been there during visits. I happen to have some of their bags too! I'm telling you, I have issues regarding my purchasing of bags.
    Really, I love it because my oldest is Joe, so if it's got his name on it, it's gotta be awesome!
    I hope that Follow button finds it's way back soon!

  12. Your post made me smile, very clever. We don't have Wegman's either but I can imagine similar feelings for our beloved Trader Joe's :) Visiting from vB, you have a new follower!

  13. This post was good and funny. I have never heard of Wegman's before but now I would really like to visit one. I'm a new follower.

  14. I am glad I am not the only one who can't hear a thing when I first get to Wegman's. I finally regain my hearing when I get to the meat section. It is such a sigh of relief to get through that section of the store..simply for the noise factor!

  15. Very cute! I am thinking of going to our local Wegmans, a little out of my way but maybe we can grocery shop before getting crickets for the lizard -- should be okay if i don't leave the ice cream in the car for too long, right?
    Stopping by from VB! Have a wonderful day!

  16. stopping in to connect from vB...happy to "meet" a fellow WNYer. I think thei letter to Weggys is great-Have you sent a copy to the home office....I'm sure it would make the newsletter. They do have the best bags for the price...I know what you meant"that feeling" walking into other stores with Wegs bags I've seen a few really cute ones at CVS but more $$$ I'm stopping intoday and will be picking up a Halloween one myself =)

  17. To all my new blogger friends, I will be heading your way next to return the favor!

    Jodi- Why? Why would they do that? I don't understand. Did they realize their terrible choice and just use up what they had already bought. The silence is so overwhelming once I hit meat, I feel deaf.

    Coffee Please- I have the perfect solution to the ice cream worries.
    Eat it on the way home.

    Pamela-HOLLA! Where in WNY are you? I didn't think if sending the letter to them, I should though! (seeing as though we are an item)

    I'm excited for the bags to be used to haul all the loot to from trick or treating!

  18. LOL! This is so witty. I absolutely love it! :0)

  19. Hi Kel,

    Wow, we are so thrilled that you enjoy our Halloween themed reusable bags, and love your creative ways of using them! We listened to your hint and have good news... we will be getting in our holiday reusable bags soon after Halloween! Thanks for the mention, we are looking forward to seeing you for our weekly date :-)

    Wegmans Fresh Stories Blog

  20. Weggy! You are awesome. You just proved to all my readers how great you are by visiting and commenting.
    So doting.
    Speaking of doting...
    How about sharing the love of the bags with some to giveaway!? As you can see there are many Wegman's bag lovers out there and many wanna be's!
    See you Sunday!

  21. Hi Kel,

    What a fun idea! We’ll be sure to pass it along and let you know! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday :-)

    Wegmans Fresh Stories Blog