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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ever heard of it, Crowdtap? You will want to be a part of it. I promise. You can't go wrong.

Crowdtap is like a quick research/poll type site. Companies come on and ask you a quick question along the lines of Have you? Would you? What's your feeling on? Different products from frozen yogurt, to clothes to phone apps.

So you sign up and create a quick little profile. Part of the profile is selecting a charity to raise money for. The more questions you answer, the more money you raise for the charity of your choice. Well the charity of your choice out of about 10 they have for you to pick from. But still, the selection is solid. I also believe you earn money as well. Don't quote me on that because I haven't earned enough yet to figure that out. When I do though, you will be the first to know!

I have been a member for 5 months and I have $7 in the charity bank, so it's a slow go.
Anyways, once you are set with your profile, the question are called Quick Hits start rolling in. There is a Quick Hits tab, New Actions and My Actions tabs.

Qucik Hits- asks you the have you/would you type questions and they are mostly multiple choice. I just answered an Old Navy Quick Hit that was Where would you most wear shorts? and there was about 5 choices to pick from. Every Quick Hit you answer, earns a few points (more on points later).

New Actions- There are sometimes on going discussions and they are big point makers. The difference between the Quick Hits and discussions are they have a few questions they want you to answer and discuss with the other members and it's not multiple choice. A common one is by Goldfish Crackers and they ask a lot of family raising questions. How do you teach your children about bullying? or What is a must do summer family activity?

My Actions- keeps track of all the New Action activites you are doing or have done.

So the points, the more you earn the more things become available to you.
You will earn badges, which just increases your chance of having Quick Hits and New Actions sent to you by that particular company. Your ranking will also go up after you reach a certain points goal. I am at Silver with 24,220 points. The next, and last I believe, level is Gold at 25,000 points. The higher your ranking, the higher your chances of cool stuff coming your way.

Here is my most favorite example of all that I earned which is going to make you stop everything and go sign up....

A New Action was offered to me to try out Old Navy's shorts. It showed up in my New Action tab, I answered some pre qualifying questions and crossed my fingers. I was picked to recieve a coupon for a new pair of shorts! I had to go to Old Navy, try on their shorts, take some pics and report back to them what I loved, liked, hated.

But it got better then that. My coupon wasn't just for a free new pair of shorts, it was for a top and any accessory of my choice! EXCLUDED clearence! I can't remember the last time I didn't shop clearence!

Seriously, it gets better.

I got 3 identical coupons for 3 friends. The 4 of us went out and had a blast!

Old Navy shorts are amazing by the way. They have literally evey length possible.

Do it. Sign up. I think when you sign up, you can list me as referring you and I'd earn more points (hint hint hint)

Why are you still here?

If you're still reading this, you're crazy and should be signing up at, but if you are still here, I promise to tell you more of my secrets and random bargain findings and awesome stuff like this.

Later, I just might figure out how to post pictures on this thing!

Here is a link to use for Crowdtap so I can earn some buddy points-

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