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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oral B & Crest Pro Party

I was recently lucky enough to win a party from MommyParties that was sponsored by Oral-B Stages and Crest Pro Health For Me.

I don't know what it is about getting new tooth brushes and tooth paste that makes everyone giddy. By everyone I mean my husband taking over the kids new toothpaste that they got with their goodie bags.
It's just flat out good!

So we started our day out with a pizza party then we all met up for movie night. Cars 2 and popcorn for us thanks to our party pack!

Before we started the movie, we played a healthy/not food game in 'pin the tail on the donkey' style. They had a blast sorting good and the not so good foods and pinning it on the HUGE mouth on the wall.

At the end of the evening the kids loved going through their goodie bags. They had everything you need for a healthy mouth. Awesome flossers, toothpaste, rinse, Cars gummy vitamins (one of Jake's personal favorites. He asks every morning for his vitamins) Everyone got coupons too so when their goodies run out, moms were ready!
The flossers that Hay's is checking out in the photo are the best! They come with a nice kid friendly handle and are a one time use and toss. Jake loves the Toy Story ones!

Checking out the rest of her stash.
This was pretty much everyone's reaction when they got their goodie bags! They didn't even have to visit the dentist to get a new free brush!
Cayden said 'wait! An action shot!' When I asked for a pose with his new rocking brush.

When asked what everyone's favorite thing was, I got a different answer each time. That's the best thing when it comes to kid friendly mouth care!
The bigger boys loved the rockin tooth brushes.
The girls the princess flossers and brushes.
The little guys the Car gummy vitamins, the Toy Story flossers and the mouth rinse.
Of course everyone loved Cars 2 and the games!

Check them out. This style really was a great hit for the bigger boys~
Whatever it takes to get excitement in the brushing and caring department...

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  1. That would be a fun party if anyone in our family had teeth. We can't even afford partial dentures.