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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Passes And A Little Review

As promised, it's Thursday and I am here to share with you how I got a pair of free movie tickets. Since I'm sharing info, it means it they worked!!

Somehow I found this site-

It seemed way to easy peasy. Just enter my simple info, search by zip code and BOOM! I was offered my choice of screening dates and places within 20 miles of my zip for the movie 30 Minutes Or Less.

The only thing I did not like was I couldn't see the actual theater's location until I reserved my tickets. There were about 4 dates as a location listed as Buffalo and 1 for Williamsville. One of the Buffalo dates would have been more convenient for me, but I didn't want to end up down town somewhere with a ticket that may or may not work.

So I placed my order for 2 tickets, the max you can get, for the Williamsville location for last night's showing at 7:30.

This is what the tickets looked like when I printed them.

Obnoxious, right?! See why I wasn't totally convinced this was going to work! And by the way, the shirt my husband has on is one he got in his Old Navy grab bag a few weeks ago. The one he thought he'd hate but loves!

The site recommended getting there about an hour before show time. Your ticket gives you a CHANCE to get in. They over book to be sure they have a full house. We got there one hour before show time and the lobby was one huge line for the movie. We didn't think we stood a chance, and if we did, it'd be front row and I'd be hurling from watching a movie right on top of me.

I got in line and Robert headed over with our free popcorn text's that we got a few days before that I posted about. He came back empty handed because we couldn't get a signal in there to download  the coupon in the text! What a tease that promo was. Yeah, sure, here's a free popcorn code, but good luck in our signal free building.

The line moved swiftly once they started letting us in. We handed our tickets over within 20 minutes of being there. The line continued to the screen room being held up by security. They checked bags and waived their magic security wands over us for recording devices. Yes, cell phones are considered recording devices. So unless you want to leave it in a brown lunch bag with a ticket stapled to it in the hall, or risk the $500 fine and jail time that was being threatened, leave your phone in the car.

I found us seats while Robert ran our phones back. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection available still for seating. I guess those rooms hold a lot more then I though. We ended up a little less then half way up in the middle. Not a bad score at all!

Wait....I'm misleading you. My personal experience in my seat choice, was very, uh, well, I got what I paid for I guess.

First I should tell you the last time we saw a movie in the theater was a kids movie that was not a full house in the least. I had munchkins all around me. That, I guess, has spoiled me. All that free space around me and plenty of arm room. Last night I was between my husband and a, little on the extra large side, guy and next to him, his girlfriend.

I swear the seats shrunk. I didn't know what to do with my arms. They felt like huge elephant trunks waiving around looking for peanuts. I ended up striking the pout pose, arms crossed over my chest, for most of the movie in order to stay in my tiny seat zone.

Big guy next to me should have followed my lead. If he had, maybe, just maybe, his relationship with his girlfriend would stand a chance of taking it to the next level.

He was the worst movie goer. EVER! I'm not kidding. His arm was all over in my chair zone, granted I kind of allowed him access as I leaned as far away from him as possible into Robert area. Why was infringing on Roberts seat zone?  BECAUSE HE WAS SWEATY AND FANNING HIS SHIRT! Gag.

Do you want to know why he was so sweaty? I know you do. He was so sweaty because he would fling himself around while he screamed/laughed throughout the movie. The entire movie. It was a funny movie too.

He'd scream laugh, point to the screen with his full arm extended, bob his head to the music. Oh, when I say music, I mean even the ring tones on the cells in the movie. Sometimes he'd even laugh so hard he'd be leaning over onto his girlfriend scream laughing on her. Yes. On her.

And guess what, she was a scream laugher too. Who knows, maybe they were made for each other.

I've lost my point here. The movie. It was hilarious! Basically its about 2 friends who kidnap a guy to rob a bank for them and how the guy and his friend go about doing it.

Vulgar isn't even close to how I would describe the movie. The entire movie was inappropriate but that's what made the whole thing funny. My husband said it best when we got home. He said there wasn't a funny scene. It was funny start to finish. Seriously, scream laugher broke a sweat over it.

Do not go see this with you kids, shame on you parents that did last night. Your kids are scarred now, I'm a sure of it. Within 5 minutes it's clear this isn't a family fun night out movie.

You want to see this with your friends, the obnoxious ones who have a solid sense of humor. Not the ones who are easily offended. Of course you want to see this on a date too. It'll let you know if you have a scream laugher on your hands.

What I would do different next time...

~ get there 1 1/2 hrs early so we would have better seat choices and not have the fear of being the first ones in the over capacity line.

~bring friends with you and make them your end caps. I can not have another sweaty scream laugher experience again.

Check out the movies site, it comes out on the 12th. Good luck scoring some pre screening tickets in the future! I'd love to hear if you get any.

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