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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Popcorn And Movie Tickets...Hopefully

If you like Yahoo! Movies on Facebook, there is a heading on the side to get free popcorn at any Regal Theater. The coupon is sent to your phone via text and is good for a week. Supposedly you can get one everyday. I haven't tried this out yet to see if that's true or not! I did get a coupon text to my phone though.

I also got 2 free pre-screening movie tickets to Regal for Wed to see 30 Min Or Less. I will share with all of you how I did it on Thursday, it wasn't on Yahoo! Movies. Why Thursday and not right now? I need to see if they actually work or not! I don't want to share a dud.

Either way I am super excited for Wed. for a potential cheap date night! We'll either see a free new movie, rated higher then PG, and get free popcorn, or we will spend the evening driving our sitter to and fro.

Whatever, I get out of the house for a non sports related activity for at least an hour no matter what!


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