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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

There are some days that sneak up on you way too quick and there are others that you wish you could sneak away from. Today is one of those days for me.

My birthday.

My parents always went all out for our big days. We had breakfast in bed, choose what was for dinner or where we ate. We had parties if we wanted or a special outing with a friend or 2.

Since I was lucky enough to have a summer birthday, I usually had big parties since we could be outside and out of my parents hair. What was also a huge plus, doubling up on the parties.

My graduation birthday.

My wedding day...the day before my birthday.

Pretty sweet memories for a birthday girl right? Yep. Until 8 yrs ago today. I lost my dad.


I've struggled with this, have been pissed off with this, have had every anger known over this. Why him? Why that day? 

I'm a very lucky girl when it comes to the men in my life and my mom. 

My dad. Was the kind of dad everyone liked to be around. He was funny, strong, obnoxious but above all he loved his kids. We could do no wrong.

My brother. Always had my back even if I didn't know it. As adults, he came running when things got scary. Running to the scaries, not away.

My husband. Where would I even being to sing his praises? He is flat out, all in all, an amazing man. Ladies, be jealous. 

My mom. She's the glue in more ways the one. She holds it all together and can bend over backwards to make it happen.

My boys. I am raising them to be all of the above. 

I know today is my day the way it is now for a reason. I'm not totally sure of that reason. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that the day I was given to my first love, was the day he was taken from me. 

But our sad day is sprinkled with happiness by other peoples joy of the thought of birthdays. A day that is full of sorrow, is also full of a Facebook family and friends saying to have a happy birthday. I get that as a gift every year. A quick message to give me a quick smile. 

So to all of you happy wishers and readers ~

Have a happy day and laugh at something obnoxious in honor of my dad today.

Dougie, daddy and I

Christmas 1996

Daddy and Robert, rainiest camping trip ever!


Feeling Joe move for the first time 2002

Joe and his Popa July 2003

Joe's last visit with his Popa

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