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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Full Weekend

I really do think there is something wrong with the work week being longer then the weekend. I don't "work" Monday's and I still feel as though half the time, my weekend has tip toed away and I missed it.

Saturday was an amazingly hot day with clear skies and, at times, a slight breeze. It was also the wedding day for Crista & Justin. Crista asked me last year if I would take their engagement photos. At this point I had only ever shot friends and families and I wasn't sure I had "IT" with strangers.

I swallowed my fear, jumped in feet first and loved it. Because of her, I gained confidence in myself.

Fast forward to Saturday and I had the honor of photographing her wedding. Spending the day with a bride and her girls on such a special day is such a warm experience. In more ways then one. Did I mention it was hot out?

Her day was beautiful, she was beautiful and I had an amazing time photographing it every step of the way.

What I learned from that day, is that my upper thighs need better muscles. I crawled, squatted, lunged and climbed to get the shots. Seeing me laying on the gravel driveway to get a shot was not an unusual site on Saturday.

Sunday morning I found myself still crawling because my upper thigh muscles had seized during the night. I don't even know if calling them muscles would even be the proper term. Basically I was gimping around on 2 charley horse logs of lead.

The wise thing to do would be to nurse my legs at the computer editing photos right?


Sunday was Jakey's special 1st grade back to school shopping trip.


I put on my brave girl face and gimped from store to store. It would have been a short and sweet trip had any of the stores actually had comfy pants in stock. It's August, isn't that December in the retail world? We could find plenty of long sleeve shirts, but no comfy pants to go with. Granted, we were in a town where stores are slim and variety is even slimmer.

We had to settle on getting everything else and deciding on a follow up trip to a more well stocked store at a later date.

He did score a new accessory that he is very excited about. If we'd allow him to sleep with it on, I have no doubt that he would.

He totally rocks it, I think his cap deserves a name...

What is your child's favorite back to school item?


  1. We went shopping Monday..and no pants! We couldn't find many pants either. Lots of shorts...and jeans..but no pants!
    What is that all about??? :)

  2. I know! We went to JcPenny first and they didn't have their whole comfy kid line out at all. It was the small one in Batavia though. We tried 4 other stores out there. We are going to try the JcPenny out here and Kohls. He likes JcPenny's Okie Dokie (spelling) comfy pants and Kohls Jumping Bean.