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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook The Breaking News Site

Earthquake info, storm updates, breaking news and local events and concerns are all things that people need to know about and often turn to the web for up to date info.

Do they go to the local news site?



I am guilty of the above and my point was proven in seconds yesterday. I was at work and swore I was feeling an earthquake. My co worker suggested going on Facebook to find out. Not MSN or other news breaking sites. Facebook.

I didn't see anyone's status mention it, so I updated mine asking if anyone else felt it. Right away I had confirmation and other status's started changing alerting to the feel of the quake or the disappointment of missing it. I learned within minutes the size of it and where it originated from. It made me feel good that-
a. I wasn't crazy and seeing walls move
b. others turn to Facebook in a time of need

Facebook not only can give me up to date current events and breaking news, but can answer questions too.

Don't know the name of the plastic tip on the end of a shoe string? Ask it as your status and I can guarantee someone knows and will respond. Wondering what time the parade starts, Facebook. Looking for a new book case, just ask. Someone's got one to get rid of.

Is it a reliable go to? Probably not. Is it a fun go to? Absolutely.

Some people post things that leave me wondering what they are thinking and is no help in my quest for breaking news.
From airing their dirty laundry, to peat and repeat. The peat and repeats are usually the poor me's that are looking for sympathy or the braggers looking for more praise. Then there are some who will only divulge a tiny bit of info forcing you to ask what they are talking about. It's a waste of my reading time. You know you want everyone to know what you are talking about or you wouldn't have put it as your status to begin with. If you want me to ask, I won't because it annoys me. I lose interest fast.

I love the weather updates. It's snowing! I can't believe all the snow! Do you see all the snow?! I hate winter. See, no need for the local news, I have Facebook.

My favorites though, after confirming I'm not crazy with the breaking news, are the ones that give you a peek into peoples worlds that you normally wouldn't see. Such as-
Went to the zoo today saw the baby giraffe. (huh, didn't know there was one)
Kindergarten screening today! (awe, I remember those days!)
Allergies! (had no idea she had allergies)

Or how about when about 6 people in a row have the same status. This is the one I fear the most when I see it on multiple status's-
Been up all night with my poor kid. Throwing up and high fever.

Does it not make you map their locations and make you wonder how close the virus is to you and your child school?!

With all this inside peek info comes the awkward moment when you see someone in public that you only really "know" on Facebook. Do you talk like old friends because you know they have recently broken a nail, went to Panera for lunch and hates the heat? Or do you keep walking because in the "real" world, you don't know a thing about this person?

The same can be said for running into good friends. If they tell you something that they posted on their status a few days ago, do you act surprised? It's old reading news in your head, but breaking news in the real world.

Oh Facebook, how I love all your news, frustrations, weather updates and awkwardness.


  1. you left the part out about your brother emailing you about the earthquake.

  2. I can't believe you changed your name to Dropped the Deuce.


    yes. Yes I can believe it.