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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The ABC's of Me

A- age 32

B- Bold. Especially if it has to do with my kids. My husband has many times tried not to look like he was with me when I turned momma bear. 

C- Caring. I was told once that no one cares as much as I do. If you are a part of my tight world, I have your back.

D- Dabbler. I like to think of myself as a dabbler in awesome things. I don't like to refer to them as hobbies. A hobby to me is something I can take time out to do regularly. I dabble in jewelry making, random hot gluing of items (my favorite way to sew), knitting (I only know how to do 1 stitch. Seriously.) and making stuff for our home (as long as it solely consists of glue or push pins).

E- Early bird. I can get up at any time and be ON as long as I've showered. I can't start my day slow, it has to go from OFF to ON right away. I also have to be early everywhere I go. If I need to be somewhere at 7, I jot down 6:30. I was never the harried running late dragging my half clothed kids behind me. I like to factor in traffic, lost keys, low gas and any other hick ups. It drives my husband nuts if I am herding everyone out the door at 5:30, to be somewhere 5 minutes away that starts at 6. But you always know you can count on us then! Unless it's something that I am really uncomfortable about, then we are late.

F- Funny. One of the most wonderful feelings, besides the love of my family, is when I've made someone laugh. Nothing is more beautiful then a laughing person.

G- Go with the flow. I try not to worry about the things I can not change and just go with it until the wave is over.

H- Hope. I am full of it. For everything and everyone. 

I- Inappropriate. I admit, I am not always the most appropriate grown up in the room. I laugh when I shouldn't (usually because I am nervous), I talk when I should be listening, and I say what everyone is thinking. 

J- Jake & Joe. The most amazing boys a girl could ever wish for children.

K- Kelly Rose Clinard

L- Laughter. My favorite sound.

M- Mom. The biggest part of me. The me I've wanted since I was a child.

N- No. I know how to say it to my kids and adults. I think a lot of parents need to learn how to use that word better. It's not impressive when you have agreed to do everything asked of you and stretch yourself thin. It doesn't impress the adults and it certainly doesn't impress the kids who's parent is too busy helping everyone else out to sit down and play. Same goes for kids. Yes is the easy way out for every situation. Show them respect by saying No. The real world will be killer if they don't understand that.

O- OCD. It drives me nuts if I am not in control of a situation. 

P- Photographer. I'm not a pro but I'm pretty damn good and I am always working on getting better.
Q- Quirky. I think that's a given with my mix of F, I, O and W.

R- Reader. I love to find myself reading a book and laughing out loud at it. I am currently working on the Harry Potter series, along with a few others, so my JoeJoe has someone in the house who can actually carry on a conversation with him regarding the books.

S- Survivor. Thyroid cancer. Hurthle and Papillary. Check your neck.

T- Tattoo's. Man they are addicting! I have 5, which surprises many, and I have been antsy for more! 
1. tummy 2. ankle 3. tush 4. neck 5. foot 
All in that order. I think my next will be on the under side of my wrist. 

U- Universal Studios. I am going to do everything in my power to get my boys there for the Harry Potter part. It will be a special trip too, a walk down memory lane. I spent a fun filled day there with my Robert way back in the beginning of '98. 

V- Volunteer. Do it. (But also refer to N). I love to help at my kids school and for the Relay for Life which is an awesome fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. If you want to help, let me know! It's everywhere.

W- Weird. It's a compliment in our family. If you're not weird, you don't fit in.

X- X-stripper. Kidding! I can't think of anything for X.

Y- Yard Saler/Flea Marketer! Drool! I love to treasure hunt!

Z- Zzzzz. I am a HUGE napper. I can sleep anywhere any time. 

I did this as part of a challenge on a blogger group I am a part of, voiceBoks. It's harder then it seems (see X) ! I'd love to hear some of your ABC's!
Blogger friends, check out voiceBoks-


  1. WOW! I'm going to make myself do this, but please remember next time that OCD really goes under "C" - because it's really CDO - the order it should be in...

  2. Only an OCD would say that...or CDO! lol
    returned the follow!
    Thank you!!

  3. I also wrote the ABC's of me and you are right, it wasn't easy! I can relate with C, F, G, H, L and Z! Congratulations on being a survivor!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm your new GFC follower!

  4. Ha! We're weird too and wear it like a badge of honor. :-)