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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Little School Lunch Help

I don't know about you, but I swear it takes me about 45 minutes to pack lunches and snacks! I have no choice but to do it the day before because I am extra slow in the mornings. What drives me crazy is the amout of baggies I go threw in a day.

2 boys + 2 lunches + 2 snacks = 2 many baggies!

Joe especially needs a lot of things bagged because he has can't-open-packages-itis. The only thing I can figure is at some point in his very impressionable mind, I yelled at him for opening something and he developed this syndrome. For the boys school, and I'm sure most, they need to be able to open all their lunch items by themselves to help stop the spreading of germs and allergies. I get it. He's almost 9, he should be able to rip open that package and nom nom away. But the poor can't-itis stops him. And for those of you who know Joe, he's an eater. He doesn't have just a sandwich and a snack, I contemplate sending 2 lunch boxes at times. I dread the teen yrs with feeding that boy.

What I have this year...

Reusable Bags!

Why I didn't try this before, I have no idea. I wanted to add my own photos of the baggies, but I empty them and refill right away and stick it in their bag to be ready for the morning. The bags I got are these-

You get 3, all different sizes, for $12. 
The smallest is perfect for a snack. I've been using it to put Jake's afternoon snack and note (I write them a note for their snacks and lunches- their favorite is when I send a crayon and tic tac toe for them to do with a buddy). They all have a smooth lining and a Velcro close top. 
The middle size is the perfect size for a sandwich. I haven't used it yet for a sandwich because my kids like ham and salami and I'm afraid the salami stink and grease will force me to clean it better every day. By better I mean actually cleaning it. Because I have been putting cracker type snacks in these, my cleaning is really consisting of blowing it out...maybe tapping it out over the sink. 
The large is so cool, you could use it as the good ole brown bag! Put your snack in the smallest, sandwich in the middle size and toss them all in the largest one! This one so far has been my alternate. Between the 2 boys, 1 bag is going to inevitable be left in a desk or locker overnight. This is my go to back up. Some day I will have more so I can change out the styles and bag up more stuff!

After the first day of the boys using these, I asked them what they thought, how they worked for them. They both really liked them, Joe's can't-itis doesn't pertain to Velcro. Jake said everyone wanted to hold his. 

So it was a huge score in our house.

Check them out, she has a bunch of different fabrics. Maybe she'll do some holiday ones too! 

If you order some, I can hook you up with a discount code for 10% which is good until Sept 21 2011.
The code-

Yep, told you I'd hook you up.


  1. What an awesome review, thanks so much for the love! Glad you like the bags.

  2. Neat! Something I might need to try..I wonder how they wash up..Joshua eats PB&J. Don't think I would do the sandwich, but definitely all the snacks! Will see you Thursday night at OH!

  3. @Jodi - I've used my bags for a few months now and they wash up great. For regular snacks, I do a quick wash and then once a week I throw them in the washer and then hang dry. They go to the park with us, they get thrown in my purse, they go on the bikes with the kids. They wash up nicely. I actually have 3 in my daughters bag right now, PB&J sandwich, a bag of grapes and a bag of teddy grahams.

  4. I have never heard of these before!!! I love them, and my little guys sometimes have a hard time opening bags too! Thanks for the info and link, just great!!

  5. Kathy that 10% off code is still good for them too! We have made it a full week of to and from school with them and they are great!