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Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

2 posts in one day? Crazy right? Well I wanted to share my Camping 101 and what's up this weekend, but I hate mish mashed posts. So here we are. Post #2.

Tomorrow is finally Joe's special school shopping day. We will have our work cut out for us for 2 reason. The first being it's a holiday weekend with great sales (hopefully), so we will be fighting the crowds. The second is Joe is so hard to buy clothes for!

He is a big kid, tall and solid. Trying to find tee shirts that are big enough for him that are still appropriate, is a challenge. Just because he needs a size 12, doesn't mean all the tee's in that size should have rude comments on them. To try and find a Harry Potter screen print shirt in his size, forget it. He needs clothes for the size of a teen but the sweet maturity of a 9 yr old. 

I want to crawl under a rock and hide until that part is done. The waist to leg ration in jeans is dumb. Plain and simple. If anyone ever wonders why Joe never has jeans on, it's because last yr he spent HOURS trying on jeans to try and find a pair that fit him. We found 1. Literally 1 pair. I don't mean 1 pair and we bought all they had in stock. I mean we bought the single solitary pair in the whole friggin mall that fit him. Barely fit him. Really, we are lucky he ever has pants on at all.

I have to stop, I am getting all fired up and it's not even his shopping trip yet.

Sunday we have a birthday party for a sweet 3 yr old then I am working all afternoon at the Relay For Life booth at the Clarence Labor Day Fair.

If you aren't involved in the Relay, get involved. It's to benefit the American Cancer Society. It's a fun event for everyone. This year it's being totally revamped and awesomed up. It used to be held at the Akron Central School football field and track, this year they are looking into a new home for it and is spreading out to Clarence.

What I love about the relay, besides it being so fun and awesome, is the American Cancer Society part of it. It doesn't just raise money for breast cancer research, it's for every thing. Between my parents and myself, we each had a different cancer. I feel in supporting the relay and the American Cancer Society I am honoring them, myself and helping to spare my kids, husband, brother, sister, niece, everyone from having the same scary call as the 3 of us had. 

Go to the fair, find the booth, see what you can do to help.


  1. I hope that your shopping trip went well. I don't know why they have rude shirts for any age! It's like the little hoochie-momma outfits for the girls, too! Do we really need our daughters dressing like this? Oh well! I was hoping it would go back in the other direction by the time it really mattered for my kids. ;)We have an issue with the waist-length ratio, too. By the time anything fits him in the waist, they're all too short. And using the adjustable fit ones are okay except that they just look like a big bag on him. Really, really hope your trip went better this time!
    visiting from
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  2. It is so hard finding appropriate clothing sometimes! That shouldn't be the case at all. I've dragged my feet on skull wear too. This yr I let it leak in a tiny bit. It seems to have toned down a little too since it first became in. Thanks for visiting and I'll be heading your way in a few!

    And our trip went oddly quick. We got everything in 2 stores, pants included that he loves! Scored amazing deal at Jcpenny too.