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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey Dude

 I don't even know where to begin to list my favorites with these shoes by Hey Dude, .

They are the Moka style in white.
I kid you not the second I stepped into them I said they felt like slippers. While putting the packaging mess away, I found a card that was in the box that says "The function of sneakers combined with the comfort of slippers!" I swear too you, I did not know that was part of the shoes appeal. I just thought they were cool shoes.
They have a cool boat shoe/loafer feel to them. They weigh absolutely nothing but feel amazing.

From the very beginning I wore them all day everyday and my feet felt amazing. There was no get to know you, uncomfortable breaking in period. They were absolutely perfect from the start. My very first full day with them I was on my feet all day running between soccer games, a family photo shoot and a night out with the hubs. I was still starry eyed in love with them at the end of the night because my feet felt great.

The only bad thing I have to say about the Moka, and it's not the Moka's fault at all, is the pin it came with, you can see it in the bottom photo, fell off one day when I was crawling around on the ground outside. I thought it was such a cute touch and just really bummed when I lost it.

I'll have to find another cool pin to replace it.

Check them out, they even have men's shoes. EVERYONE needs a pair of these shoes. They are not a want, they are a NEED.

Santa, if you're reading this...

I'm sure you know what do with that link.

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