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Friday, September 23, 2011

Winky Boo

So I thought I found my new favorite weekend tee. The reason why I say I THOUGHT is because when I pointed out to Jake how soft it was, he immediately claimed it as his.

Since I am a grown adult and he is all of munchkin, he wore it to bed. I think it'll be a race to see who gets to claim it from the wash first.

The shirt is from a company called Winky Boo.

This is my/Jake's comfy weekend tee~
                           The Tree Face Tee

Their selection isn't huge, but what they do have is fun and, I imagine, just as amazingly soft and comfy as my Tree Face Tee. It just feels good. It's not just thrown together super thin fabric, it's a good solid tee. Usually if you find a solid tee, it's either boring, rough or see through!

GAH! This Thor just screams awesome and comfy.

I'm sure if Joe ever finds out about this, he will have it on his must have's comfy list. He already hinted that my Tree Face tee looks like the tree's in Harry Potter. Which totally make sense because he stalks Jake around the house when he has it on.

Winky Boo is as awesome as their tee. From now until forever, when you purchase from their site, enter WINKYMUSIC at checkout and get 65% off your ENTIRE purchase. My Tree Face tee was only $17 to begin with!

On my wish list...

hint. hint. hint.

check them out~!/winkyboo

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