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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My 3rd Favorite Magazine

I have to say Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself magazine is my 3rd favorite ever, only because it comes out just a few times a year. If it came out monthly it would be hard to place my top 3 in a solid order. My top pick being People, of course. My second you will just have to wait and find out in a future post!

The first time I got this magazine was about a yr ago. It was a freebie to promote it, I got with my Better Homes and Gardens subscription. I signed up for a regular subscription off that first issue it was that good.

I am a flea market, garage sale, thrift store, consignment sale hopper. Think of it as a bar hopping if you will, but dirtier and much more fulfilling. This magazine gives me great ideas for random finds, like painting an ugly platter with chalkboard paint and hanging it on the wall as a message board.

This isn't a boring artsy fartsy magazine that will show you how to knit a shawl like gram did or cross-stitch a portrait of your cat, not that those aren't great things to know how to do. This is real do it yourself info that anyone would want to do and can do. You won't have to pull out every power tool there is to make a book shelf either. It's more find it and fix it type project magazine.

For example, my new issue came in the mail yesterday and on the cover is a headboard made out of different dresser drawers. Different styles and sizes were placed open side out with the bottom of each drawer on the wall. Some were sideways, upside down, right side up. In the end it made a cool boxy shelf headboard.

What I learned after getting my first taste of the magazine, don't bother ripping out the ideas you want to keep and remember. Since you'll end up with most of the magazine in a pile, just keep it.

Check out their site, I promise you'll find something you absolutly have to do.

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