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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

3 out of the 4 of us finally got to see the show! Poor Jakers had such a hard day playing that he fell asleep way before it started.

As a whole the show was good. Joe loved it. He kept exclaiming HOW ARE THEY GOING TO SURVIVE THAT! or OH MAN! He was by far the shows biggest fan in our house.

I felt the contestants were performing a little too much. They made me feel like I wasn't watching a game show, but a poorly acted show about insane game shows. Not one person seemed 'normal'. They all had a hidden agenda that they didn't hide too well. Hopefully it was just that weeks crop of contestants, I only have the one show to judge it on.

As for the host, Jeff Sutphen, well he just needs to stick with Nickelodeon. Like the contestants, he just didn't blend well and tried way too hard. He is a host of a game show on Nick and I can totally see that in the way he talks and performs. As for a prime time ABC game show, he's too immature. I said before I am a huge fan of Fear Factor, this show needs someone like Joe Rogan. A rough edged, comedian who is just as grossed out, terrified and giddy over the show as the rest of us. Not terrified and giddy over a show as per his script that he has memorized and attempted to perform. Maybe Jeff has the same hosting skills as I do baking. What he visions, isn't the reality.

Hopefully they work out the kinks for the first season and for the next they bring me a little Rogan. 

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