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Friday, July 1, 2011

One of those weeks

Ever have one of those weeks where you swear every day is Friday? That's been my week. I've even woken up with a jolt to want to shut my alarm off before it actually wakes us up.

What screws me up is late nights out during the week. I guess my old lady senses think that if I'm out past 7, it must be the weekend.

Monday night was normal. I was totally aware that it was Monday. Tuesday during the day, fine, it's Tuesday. But Tuesday night the boys had a sleepover in Joe's bed to celebrate them being new owners of Build-A-Bears. That did it for me. When my alarm went off Wed it was Fri and confirmed my old lady senses by a late baseball game and ice cream after with friends. Thur was Fri because I had a late Relay For Life meeting.

Now that today is actually Friday, I'm bored with it already. I think between this being my 3rd Friday and the "long weekend" coming up I know it too is just going to mess with me all over again next week! I always have Monday's off, so when everyone else does too, my old lady senses assumes Tues MUST be Monday.

Speaking of the long weekend, tomorrow is Day In The Park at Clarence Town park. My most favorite community event ever! We plop a blanket down near the playground, bring a ton of food, drinks, glow sticks and wander the day away there. Bounce houses, rock climbing walls, fried dough, contests, fireworks and fried dough. Did I happen to mention fried dough? Love it!

Go. Seriously. It's a great time.

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