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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Mystery Bag Contents

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a sunny and relaxing weekend. We sure did with a little shopping, beach bumming and bbqing. When I told my husband about Old Navy's mystery bag sale that was going on this past Saturday, he was just as intrigued and excited as I was.

So Saturday morning I got us up bright and early, no sleeping in for this bargain hunting family. I figured there would be a huge line for this sale. A bag of clothes for $20 that is worth over $100, why wouldn't there be a line?! Well there wasn't. We got there right after they opened at 8. We got our bags, I took 2 and Robert 1, and we poked around their great summer sale. A great deal of their summer stuff was up to 75% off! There were shorts for $8. So needless to say, we got more then our 3 mystery bags.

Here were the rules on the bags.
~No opening before purchase
~No returns
~Limit 2 bags per person

They were labeled by size and department and they all contained tops.
Here are our 3 picks.

It drove Robert crazy trying to wait until we got home to open his bag because each one had a scratch off ticket in it that you could win up to $1000. So we opened his first, of course.

He was pleasantly surprised at his loot. He got 3 new tee's which for a guy, you can't have too many of, and 2 button down shirts. I was THRILLED about the button shirts. I have been trying to get him to wear that same style for a while. He was a little less thrilled until he tried them on. I think he has a new go to favorite.

Then it was my turn!!!

My first bag was great! It made me really excited for bag #2 because this one had 3 tee's and 2 tops too! Granted 1 was a tube top and my body is not tube top accessable, but if 2 bags had 3 tee's and 2 shirts, it only makes sense that the 3rd would be the same way.

Everything fit great, well as great as a tube top can fit. The quarter length sleeve top fit a little odd. It's just a little too big, but wearable, I just have to mess with how I'd wear it and with what.

Onto bag #2!

Yep, all tee's. This one was a little dissapointing for 2 reasons. The first being it was all tee's. I think if this was opened before the theme formed in my head, I wouldn't have been dissapointed because I wouldn't have any expectations. But after opening 2 bags with 2 tops and 3 tees, a girl starts to form expectaions. I guess thats just part of the whole mystery in buying mystery bags.

The second dissapointment was one of the tops was not the size that was supposed to be in that bag. Since there are no returns, I am stuck with a shirt that is too small. It fits as innapropriatly as my new tube top. Maybe I'll wear it under my tube top...

The last exciting thing about the mystery bags was the scratch off's that I mentioned earlier.

Each bag had one with a chance to win up to $1000. I can't remember what the other $ amounts were because my mind stopped listening at $1000.

Did we win?!

How much did we win?!

Nope. Nothing.

Would we do it again? Yes! Absolutely. We both ended up with stuff we never would have bought off the rack, but that we will absolutely wear now that we have it. Except the tube top. *shudder*

What would we do differently? I'd open my bag right at the counter after paying so if my bag had a wrong size in it again, I might stand a chance of them fixing it.

Lesson learned.

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