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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh The Things We Do...

How many times have you done something for your kids and thought to yourself...Only because I love you. I have many, many 'Only Because' moments. Those Only Because moments are always uncomfortable in some form for me. They are always moments I wouldn't do unless my kids wanted it.

Only because I love you, I will read this book for the 10th time in a row.
Only because I love you, I will wear my bathing suit to the community pool.
Only because I love you I will laugh at that knock knock joke.

My latest 'Only Because' moment was this past Saturday. Darien Lake, our local theme park, had a free in park concert. Miranda Cosgrove and Greyson Chance. To help paint a mental picture for you, let me give you a little flash back of a similar event last year.

Summer 2010.
I don't remember the date, but it was hot out. The Imagination Movers with Choo Choo Soul were doing a free concert at Darien Lake. I lined up about 3 hrs before show time in an attempt to get my boys front row. I am super mom with my game face on, ready to elbow anyone man, women, or child that dares get in my way. The ropes go down and I RUN! I'm not talking run. I'm talking RUN as in Phoebe running in the park on Friends, arms flailing RUNNING.

I, of course, got front row.

And Joe hated it.

My first lesson learned, is to first ask the boys where they'd rather be for a concert. Apparently front and center doesn't necessarily equal awesome to them.

My second lesson learned, is I set the bar high to perform in this same manner if another occasion arises.

That brings us to my mind set Saturday morning. Joe wants to see Miranda Cosgrove, Joe's gonna see Miranda Cosgrove even if I have to camp there. It's free, why would I say no to that?!

As soon as Joe wakes up, I start drilling him on a plan. Where do you want to be? Front row? She might touch your hand if you're right up front like last year. Towards the back? If we are farther out you can have more room to dance.

That's the key word for Joe, dance. Joe wants to dance. Who cares if Miranda touches his hand, he wants to bust his moves at her concert instead.

I am so happy to hear this for 2 reasons.
1. Joe is strong enough of a person to dance when he feels the need. He will plan ahead for this if need be.
2. I don't need to plan my running outfit!

There were so may people there that we knew, even without being up front, we had to line up early if we wanted to be on the lawn. We head over about 45 min before the 4 pm rope drop time. For those of you who don't remember, or were not here at the time, Saturday was in the 90's. Who in their right mind would stand in line earlier then that?

A lot.

I shoo Robert and the boys to find a spot in the shade and hang out. I needed to concentrate on my plan in peace while I stood 3 families deep in a wall of sweaty people.

This is what I devised- the tent smack in the middle of the lawn for the sound guys, that's my X marks the spot. I am aiming to get there first, directly in front of it so no one can be behind us, and lay my blanket down so Joe has room to dance.

4 o'clock rolls around and they don't let us go. I am barely holding it together. Nobody likes me when I'm hot. I don't even like me when I'm hot. Someone better let me go or I will start swinging.
They guide the mob, no running this year, the best they could to the stage. I power walked, elbows out of course, over to my spot.

Success once again!

The concert was long, loud and sweltering.

And Joe loved it.

Would I do this for me? Nope. I'd take what I could get. Only because I love my boys did I do this. But because I did it for my kids, I got the joy of watching them. That's my front row.


  1. You deserve a Mom award for this one. I am not sure I would have stood in this heat for a concert for my kiddos. I hope they thanked you!!

  2. You are too funny! Just so you know too, I've been carrying your bracelets in my purse in hopes of running into you!