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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Interesting Article On Working Moms

I found this article this morning and thought is was share worthy. Being a full time working mom myself, I never really had "guilt" about working. It's what needs to be done for my family. I'd feel guilty if I didn't do what needed to be done to provide for them in the way I feel is needed.

The thing that makes me feel good about the choices we've made being a 2 parent full time working family, is how we spend our time together. It's the moments you have that matter. Forget what you can't do or have and focus on what you do.

No matter what, there will always be someone there to support my boys at their events, games and even practices. If we can't both make it, one of us does. If for some reason there are 10 things at once, Grammy is there. At times it is tough getting to some school functions, their school tends to hold events during school hours, but we get it done.

Robert doesn't spend all day at the golf course on Saturday. I don't spend my free time knee deep in house work barking at the kids to clean their room.

As a team we get the boring stuff done little by little during the week so there isn't a full family day taken from us to do chores. If we can't do an activity together as a whole unit, chances are we don't do it. We are lazy together, we work together, we play together.

I felt I was doing right by my kids sending them to an education based daycare too. They had special days at their Grammy's house and spoiled rotten there, but at daycare, they became their own person. They made solid friends. They learned as they played. Joe was reading at 3 1/2! Daycare doesn't have to mean just sitting in a corner playing with the blocks.

This article mentions moms tend to be happier when they work. I think the same can be said for kids at daycare too. As much as I love to chit chat with the people I see at work, my kids love to chit chat with their friends at daycare.

That's just my family and how we roll. It's not right for everyone, but it is for us. My kids are good kids and there are a lot of people in their lives that have helped make them that way. You know, the whole 'it takes a village' thing.

Check out the article and let me know what you think!

TODAYMoms - Working mom guilt, be gone! Your kids fare better, study finds

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  1. I feel the same way..I love being a full-time working mom. I feel working makes me a better mother. :)