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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tank Obsessed

I have an addiction. It's very serious. It has taken over my life and closet space. I love tank tops. I haven't met a tank yet that I don't feel I need to have. I wear at least one tank a day. It could be under a shirt that is slightly too thin, under a cadri (my fav) or under another tank. You will never see me without one on.

It became a huge issue in my dresser. Those lil suckers take up a lot of room! So this is my genius idea...back of the door shoe organizer!

This doesn't even have all my tanks in it because there is one on me, of course, plus I am NEVER caught up with laundry. Each pocket has 2 tanks rolled up in it. I love to close my door and be able to see everything at once instead of digging in the dresser trying to find what I'm looking for.

Since I have proven to you my obsession, you will understand why I was THRILLED to win a free Decorated Tank from Old Navy. Check them out, .

How did I win, Crowdtap of course. Seriously, if you havn't joined it yet, I don't know what you are waiting for.

I applied for a Decorated Tank sample and share party. If I won, a few friends and I get a coupon for a free decorated tank from Old Navy. Try them out, see what we like and don't and keep our favorite.

My main issue with this, how do I pick just one! Again, I love tanks and they love me.

Here is my try on pile.

That was a small pile too. I made myself put some back because I couldn't afford to have to have all of them.

The one I had my heart set on was the second from left. It was an antique color, which I love, and had a sheer diagonal ruffle running the length of the top. I had us, me and said tank, going out for coffee, walking in the park, shopping, basically being my bff tank.

The ruffles did not love me as much as I loved them. They made other parts of me look extra, um, how do I put this, large. My ladies do not like ruffles if you know what I mean.

So I moved on. The first tank in the picture was cute, but I like to wear a funky necklace and the jazz on the shoulder I felt would hinder that need of mine.

I loved the 3rd tank. It was navy with a little ruffle running down the middle. My ladies were fine with this type of ruffle because it wasn't hanging off them for the ride. This was a keeper. This was it, my free sample.

That is until I tried on the white one. I swear it whispered to me, take me home Kelly, I love you. It's solid cream until the top just below my collar bone and above the ladies. Then it's beautiful lace. This tank literally could go with everyting. I had on a hot pink tank that day and tried it on under, it added a great splash of color under the lace.
I've worn it with black and brown underneath so far. Yes, I bought it. How could I not!

The other 2 tanks in the picture are the same as lil Lacey, my new bff tank, just different colors. I went with the cream for the sole reason of being able to pair it with any of my many tanks I already have.

Here is me and Lacey when we first met.

So my lesson for you to today-
1. get to Crowdtap, why you haven't done so is beyond me.
2. get to Old Navy and meet your own Lacey and the many other amazing tanks they have.

p.s. Soon I will learn how to make certain words links. Robert said he knows how but has yet to show me. I think it's because he knows it'll turn into something he'll have to do for me. That's the way it always is.


  1. I thought I had a lot of tanks!! What a great idea using the shoe organizer for them. Im a new follower of your blog, found it on crowdtap. I would love a follow back.

  2. Thank you, I headed right over your way to follow!